21 August 2009


i've return

if you ever go to puerto rico:
bring a jacket so you won't get the fucking flu i got.
learn spanish or else prepare to do hand gestures
mcdonalds french fries are so fresh and not so greasy
mcdonalds and kfc are everywhere
go to biobay
be careful of jelly fish
hobos are everywhere- it's ok.
be nice. everyone is nice
there are fiesty drivers but drive slow.
oh- and dont take a three transfer flight ever.

i liked it theree.

“If everybody minded their own business, the world would go around a great deal faster than it does.”
alice in wonderland

11 August 2009

sweet sixteen

wow it's my 16th birthday already. it feels like i've just turned 15. i remember when i turned 15. It was in Toykyo, Ginza and Shinjiku to be exact. It was the day we departed from our one week family, when I said goodbye to Dickson, James, Ryan, and Tommy. Then we took the bullet train to Tokyo to meet my father's godmother. Her step on took us to Ginza, ITOYA and the Snoopy Festival at Mitsukoshi ^-^ Then we took a Tokyo trip my father's godmother graciously arranged for us(: And we had unlimited 90min sit-down SHABU-SHABU BOOYA!

today was not a good birthday. i went into elite crying. and i couldn't say thank you to all the people who wished me a wonderful birthday, then i left class cos i felt sick but i Had my sweet sixteen party on Saturday. we went jetskiing at dana point; chloe&i ted&alice&ashley michael&joseph&curtis on the PWCs were how we divided them. Everyone fell into the water exccept for chloe and me(: Ted's even flipped over all the way. haha. we went to elephant bar for dinner, and then we did grunion runs at 11-12am at newport at night. although we didn't stay late enough for the grunions, we still had a blast, talking about life. (:

there's supposed to be meteor showers tonight. <3

08 August 2009

grunion runs

at 11 pm all the way to midnight at Newport Beach. No kidding.

there was actually a decent amount of people there. lots of asians. ha-ha. we just had our flashlights and buckets and caught them with our hands. they come to the shore to lay eggs.

we caught three of them.

bah-dum bah-dum...i can't wait for tomorrow jet skiing later...then dinner. and then lets have another grunion run shall we?


01 August 2009

LG icecream かわいい~

so i still can't get over my new phone. its absolutely delicious and envy-worth. (:

so i'm planning to get some cute charms for it. ^-^
yesterday, i got to go visit my grandpa over at monterey park, there i went to 2 japanese stores {makeup/daily necessities} かわいい~~ its too bad im totally broke because all the good makeup and nail polish were on sale and pretty! (:
for dinner, we ate at tasty garden; I had my favorites: fried salty chicken wings/bbq beef strips and hot hk style milktea with boba. おいしい!

it's been a good week ^-^