25 May 2011


days of school left.
+ prom.

time is flying by way too fast. tell me it’s not real.
So exciting, and thrilling. Yet dangerous and bitter.

not counting senior bbq, senior breakfast, graduation rehearsal/ceremony, grad night.
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mood: content but slightly depresseed
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mood: tired
Besides the fact that I got my super expensive lens filter dented on Tuesday night, everything is great right now. Prom flower orders are basically done. Prom dinner is basically decided upon. The ride was done a long time ago. All I need to do is make hair, nails, and make up appointments.

I want to go shopping, but I'm broke from all this prom stuff x_x oh well.


23 May 2011


-talking about how tanned I've become-

b: "That's funny. I was told the same thing. Is it really a big deal? There's no way you could be un-beautiful :) "
brb dying.

21 May 2011

the end is near

Sadly but true. High school is coming to an end. It's bittersweet, and it hurts to throwback and replay freshman year up till now.Sorry for not updating for the longest time. So many things have happened since then. Here's random bullets and photographs.
+helping KLW/Dcon for prom-asking
+SuperSmashBrawl at my house with the guys
+Disneyland with my sister
+eating with Irene/Kevin/Michael
+BBQ with Irene
+Re-Invent the game
+end of IVC
+switching to an iPhone
+Hsiao's house & spectrum with the boys & dinner
+panera bread shesh with Winnie/Chris for chemistry project
+seeing random mules and ponies on my street
+finalizing most of my plans for prom. (basically everything but dinner)
+brownie baking with Chris/Winnie/Blake
+Santa Monica Pier on senior ditch day
+Hangover (film) at Hsiao's house
+downloading Bon Iver's new album
+park adventuring with Blake and overlooking north&west Irvine from the top of Citrus Ranch

And oh yes, how could I forget?
The end of senior year is looking great. Everything is looking up again (:
♥ i

08 May 2011


suicide hill

photocredz r.t.

+ a dozen Amaranth-shade roses
thank you

07 May 2011

I mess everything up.
I'm impatient, and so I rush everything.
I am my own failure.

05 May 2011


now playing: Young, Wild & Free — WizKhalifa & SnoopDogg

We never really learn from the first mistake, nor the second or third. It only hits us when we’re given the last chance.

Life is so good to me. I'm just livin it up these last few weeks.
6 more weeks till graduation.
So scared, excited, and a little sad..