17 June 2014

things i love(!) tuesdays

-soft couch throws/blankets
-chocolate truffles
-[LPs spinning] dean martin and other 60's stuff [on vinyl]
-beach/ski resorts
-christmas time and the winter holiday season festivities
-new york city ♥

14 June 2014

Summer 2014 checklist

Some are places others are just "to do's", some are realistic & others not:

•Anaheim packing district
•The LAB anti-mall / Camp
•Pool days!
•LA trip (SF? Washington?)
•The beach
•Juice runs
•Target & Ulta
•Bike rides
•Coffee & ice cream dates (seperate)
•Clean out my closet / list sales
•Fashion Island / Spectrum / The Mall / Rack
•Paddle boarding / boat-ing / kayaking
•The outlet
•Get new makeup
•Movie dates!! / theaters vs redbox
•Movie on the lawn
•Look for "a summer commitment"