29 April 2012

wildfox baby

mood: tired
currently: taking online tests for psychology
I came home this weekend exhausted after calculus midterms to find that my mom had gotten me the lace shorts and Wildfox bicoastal sweater I really wanted. I love her, she's such a sweetie ♥ Later that evening we went to the Ritz in for dinner; that was lovely too because I asked for my steak to be reheated and they just gave me a new steak even though I had already finished half of the original one. Five stars for quality and true dedication towards customer service.
Today I was supposed to go out with B, but that didn't happen so hopefully next week or so. Instead I went to the mall and bought a gorgeous tie-dye silk maxi dress, royal blue blazer, and crochet crop top, doing much damage to my wallet. I probably won't end up keeping them all.

Chemistry midterm is on Tuesday, and I am still shaky on the material...I have lots of catching up to do tomorrow.

27 April 2012


There are somethings that I never tell people because I don't want them to judge me or to laugh at me. Because it is absolutely ridiculous. Or at least the ideas are. But I wish to be a model, and I know I'm too fat and short and not pretty enough, but that's what I wish. I also wish to go to art school to study some kind of graphic design or fashion management or styling. mmhm. And then to study abroad in Italy and Paris and learn one of their languages. But life is life, and there are reasons why things happen and don't.


26 April 2012

dalai lama's shock

A friend of mine posted this on tumblr. I've seen the quote before, and it is true, especially applies to all the Irvinian people (people from Irvine haha) because it seems that we're always in a rush to get to the finish line, and we're always obsessed with being the best and the richest. Very superficial to say the least...

And then there's this that reminds me of B. minus the cussing.

image source via tumblr


Lana Del Rey

(image source via tumblr)

I think lana del rey is super amazing and inspiring. I love her music, I know some people don't like her style, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but I don't think it's right for them to bash on her.

06 April 2012

not sleepy

currently playing:right girl (acoustic) | the maine
mood:energetic and not sleepy at 2AM
Just chatting with mon ami in the early AM, discovering new music that pleases my ear, and refusing to shower (for this moment, it should happen soon though.) I have been reaching my exercise/gym goals (so far) but I have not been sleeping at a reasonable time, so I think I should make that change next week.
Something that really bothers me is my psychology class; we discuss pseudopsychology. In general, I am pretty opened to everyone's views, but the teacher really has a biased tone against some of the viewpoints. I live by the moon, stars, spiritual lifestyle, and alternative healing so the tone of criticism in the class really insults my more sensitive side on the subject matter.
Well I should probably wrap up my conversation with B, and go to sleep...despite the fact that my class does not start tomorrow until 5PM.


04 April 2012


currently playing: the real slim shady - Eminem
mood: relaxed, cosy
So I tried posting to tumblr more, but I still hate it. It erases my writings mid-creating and the themes suck. I want to make my own but I'm honestly too lazy and I think that'd be a waste of time. I'm resorting to my faithful blogspot. ♥ I'm surprised that Picnik is shutting down on the 19th of April ): much sadness, thus I have been using the premium privileges the past few days only with webcam photos; but they're still good.

“Making love in the afternoon stops the world. The clock beside the bed reads a dazzle of broken red lines, vying for completion. The pillows on the floor dare not settle, their feathers suspend inside, a bloat of anticipation. The phone clenches the cradle, willing itself not to ring, and the faucet holds its single tear. Outside, if a dog barks, the wind simply swallows it until our bodies stop and slide back to single selves. Then, around us, the spinning starts anew, as if the electricity, suddenly restored, starts a record again, the slurred sound of the world gaining momentum until it sings and sings.”
—Camille-Yvette Welsch, Afternoons

This quarter my schedule is lighter and I am only taking two major classes and one humanities. {chemistry, lab, math, psychology} I am striving for an earlier bed time, studying every night, and exercising.