30 January 2013


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currently: reading 40 some pages of a handout for English class
I miss New York, and the things that go along with it- Balthazar, SoHo, 5th Avenue, the honking of taxi's, sewer steam from the metro, the concrete jungle....

I miss taking pictures, film especially.
But I've been really inspired by Visual Supply Company's "Features" section, and I love love love VSCo's app for the iphone, to say the least.

27 January 2013


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So recently, or more specific this past Thursday, I started watching the HBO series Girls and I have to say it is really addicting, realistic, and therefore relatable- making the show down to earth and lovable. It's said that Gossip Girl was written about teens going through high school and college, while Sex and the City is on the married life and women wanting to be free and young again, thus Girls is centered around what happens in between that, the awkward phase where young women are fresh out of school, unemployed or just starting jobs, getting into and out of relationships, exploring, and the mayhem along with it all.
Oh, and I absolutely love the soundtrack.

(photo cred: cnn.com/HBO)
//This is totally irrelevant to the tv show, but rather another update on my life- so I've been trying to start working out again, in hopes of improving my health and toning up. Hopefully going to the gym this quarter works out consistently.

13 January 2013

sugar cookie candles

currently: belly down in bed typing away
listening to: frankie valli and the four seasons
I have been burning candles everyday, not sure if it's good for my health or not, but it sure smells great and relaxes me because who isn't relaxed by the scent of sugar cookies?

We put lights up today, and went to watch Gangster Squad- absolutely good.



I am really uncomfortable with my voice and when I hang out with people. I feel like I always have this choked up voice that's about to spew something incredulous out of me when I talk. It's like congestion mixed with your voice breaking before you cry. Plus I hate being socially awkward. It just makes everything worse.

I rather type everything up and write to people than talk.