19 August 2014

Playin' in my play pretend

Everything is perfect about this. From the cinematography, to emotions, to the editing to the remix of the song.

I don't know...this is exactly how I felt/saw the world July 2010-late January 2011. I felt high and out of touch with the world. Fuck. I just wanted to touch and have feeling. I just wanted to laugh hysterically and feel pain at the same time. I wanted to wreck myself in the worst ways possible. I felt sexual, dumb, alive...and dead. I felt insane and messy. I was unstable 24/7.

How could I have been so worthless? To someone? To everyone?

16 August 2014

Emotional Strawberries.

Our strawberries croissants and katsu curry are the best selling items (in terms of the rate they get sold out at). The katsu is a story to tell another day.
Today we started temporarily running out of strawberry croissants at 3pm, meaning our kitchen can't keep the strawberry slicing and manual custard piping rate up with the rate customers are buying them out at. So we had to ask customers wait 30 minutes for them (if they wanted them) two diff times in the afternoon. People are so madly in love with them that they actually do wait. Anyways. When the final and last batch came out (the batches are determined by how many triangle strawberry croissant shells we make the day before and morning of, so we do sell out of them). Example: "I'll just take all of these" *points at what's left in the display case*. O_O
or sometimes customers will come in for a 6/14/35 pack (you can buy any amount, even 50+ if you preorder the day before) and then come in again! for another 6 because they had it for the first time and fell in love so deeply they want more. It's crazy really, and customers get so pissed over pastries. One couple called 20 minute prior to speaking with me and asked if there were any croissants left, and whoever answered the phone said yes they'll be out in 15 minutes. So the couple actually came into the store 20 minutes later and asked me if they could have some strawberry croissants. I had to break the news to them that we just sold out for the day....and they got SO PISSED. Like threw a "b*ch face at me" mad. And gave me attitude and asked why they ran out they just called....and I was like ?uh?they?sold?out?within?five?minutes? lol then they left. The same happens with other pastries. People get very emotional.



Finally tried Cream Pan's LE-NU iced coffee and their famous strawberry croissant today. The LE-NU is extremely aromatic in taste and scent, except the recipe has, or whoever makes it puts, too much sweetener in it. I would lessen the sugar (syrup?) by half, and have the customers ask for more if they prefer it sweeter. The strawberry croissants were heavenly, as rumored by customers who come in for 20+ pieces or come back for more in the same day. Flaky layers, crispy and crunchy texture, but soft and chewy on the inside with three pieces of strawberry slices and slightly sweet custard creme...♥
I also had a closing shift today so I could "experience" all the different shifts at the store. Very very tiring. I had to mop with a mop for the first time in my life today, and I never realized how inconvenient the mop wringer on the bucket was. (Don't get me wrong, I've used swifter before and before that I was on hands and knees scrubbing the floor, so it's not like I'm a total lazy ass). I was totally out of breath when I finished. I wiped the tables inside and out on the patio, swept the floor outside and in the store, cleaned the bathrooms, stacked the chairs, washed behind the counter, and learned how to lock up all the property out on the patio (the chairs, tables, and safety lock them). For the closing shift, we get to bring whatever is left over for a huge discount home. I thought I should try their apple croissant and the pan au raisin (pains aux raisin) so I got one of each, and then four almond croissants because my mom loves those, and then a small circular square bread that could pass off as a personal mini ciabatta? ciabatta roll? because they sell really good in the store. I got the 7 pastries, a tea, and a Le-Nu for only $3.60! :D (originally ~$15? I don't know)
I also got my uniform that I've been waiting for forever today! :D


12 August 2014

Hand-y dandy ladders.

You know what's fucking hilarious to me?

The fact that you'd stab someone
to step onto someone
then you pull them up at the same time.

And they think that they're getting some kind of a fucking deal
when it's actually a scam

And I'm watching it behind transparent curtains.

07 August 2014

AM outfit

Okay- seriously no one, literally, no one cares or will be caring besides me. 
But. I've got an idea. Like maybe kinda curled/crumpled hair with matte red lipstick and winged liner and leather jacket and cherry 1460s docs. 

Here's the tricky part- I have work until 3 but it's a bad idea to go into work with vampy or goth nails so I have to speed do that when I get home. Also pants and top? Should I do jeans or black slacks because I'm allowed to wear either to work. But what about my top?? Should I do it American way- trashy or the more proper and classy British way? (Cropped top vs dressy tank). 

Why do I even care so much my seat sucks lol. 

06 August 2014

Today Tonight Tomorrow

Sent stupid pics through InstaDirect, but had fun doing so.
Edited pictures for the upcoming post on SP while listening to Joyce Manor.
Bought Moleskines with B today for a good price, but still debating on whether I should keep them or not.
Heard back from the bakery...I got the job! And I'm starting my first shift this thursday 11-3pm.
Decided on which nail design/varnish colour to do for AM concert. (Thanks H)

Tomorrow I'm heading to school for the morning, most likely will lounge out at Starbucks and read, then head inland for lunch, then out to Silverlake for a doctor's appointment. Even though it's really nothing or close to having fun, I'm excited to be near LA :)

03 August 2014

Recently Repetitive

Now in pictures.

AM concert this Thursday and still not sure what to wear.
Should I paint my nails dark blue or dark red?