31 October 2013


One of the worst things in high school was that I got on bad terms with a few people, and after fighting with them I thought it'd be over, but because those people had formsprings or those anonymous comment boxes, they would keep thinking that the anonymous users harassing them was me, so they would make fake profiles to come harass me online.

I didn't think anything would be more emotionally and mentally wrecking as that turned out to be.
I will never be able to forget the things they said to me or about me to other people in hopes of destroying my reputation, image, social circle in my "low"s as the words echo around my head from time to time. I have forgiven them, even though they did ruin my reputation at school, shattered my image in class, and basically banished me from any social circles and pushed me to become friendless and self relying ever moment at school. But I think this is the main reason why I don't want to be friends with anyone or a lot of people, and especially boys that had mouths that flowed with charming words or girls in general. This is also why I can't trust people after you give me a bad impression once, even if you make it up. I learn that with one chance you can learn if the person is trustworthy to be your friend or not.

People also made fun of me for being too emotional.
I'm sorry you chose to consistently stalk my blog and force yourself to read about my thoughts.
I don't make fun of you for being immature or an asshole, unless you prove that you're an asshole.

For the record, I don't try to bash on anyone or say mean things about people or remarks on people or judge people until you give me a reason to.

29 October 2013


Light reflects from your shadow,
...more than I thought could exist.
You move through the room like breathing was easy.


28 October 2013


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"Yuuwaku" 誘惑 allure | (by Audrey Kawasaki)
The only reason why your life is unsatisfactory is because you allow it to be.

22 October 2013

Finding the forgotten

My most recent gems and inspirations, dug up from the past.
love aesthetics

21 October 2013

study play lists

Currently: studying for my biochemistry class
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After 5 years, I finally think Slow Dancing in a Burning Room (acoustic) is a good song.
I'm looking into buying a (Chemix or Melitta or Hario V60) plus Hario Buono so I can make my own pour over. If not, I guess a Nespresso will suffice, except Nespresso machines are a tad pricey, and you lose the joys of making your own coffee because everything is made for you. But they carry Nespresso at Target now, so maybe Target will have a sale on them sometime?
On another note, Stumptown opened in LA, so there's another location to visit the next time we make a trip there, not to already add the ever-so-amazing Caffe Luxxe to our "go-to-again" destination.
I wish I had more time to take pictures, and to cook, bake, and make DIY blog posts.
Something I definitely need to learn is making the perfect minestrone soup.

-Coffee drinks explained
-comparing pour overs
-olive garden inspired minestrone


15 October 2013

Why did you only call me when you were high?

The most sun filled dream. Relaxed and carefree.
You were the dopest and I was there. Living in the moment.
The colors on your sleeve represented a different story from parts of your life. They roam across your chest and onto your other arm, holding me safe and anchored to ground.
We smoked and laughed, scents familiar and soothing.
Blazed and faded I can hardly make your face out but your silhouette was there.
Your voice shooting up a dose in me. Except your smile is dopey and it's stupid but it makes me laugh.
You tell me you prefer natural american spirit. I agree. Between your second and third, it reeks of familiarity and comfort.
Why did you only call me when you were high?

I wish I could see you everyday. But you only call when you're high.

id crisis

I want to cut my hair shoulder length and get my nose pierced.

I need to start shooting more and again. /clik

14 October 2013


People got a lot to say
But don't know shit about where I was made
Or how many floors that I had to scrub
Just to make it past where I am from...
You can hate it or love it
Hustle and the struggle is the only thing I'm trusting
Thorough bread in a mud brick before the budget...
My passion was ironic
And my dreams were uncommon
Guess I gone crazy, first deal changed me
Robbed blind, basically raped me
Rose through the bullshit like a matador
Just made me madder and adamant to go at em
And even the score
So, I went harder...
Pledge allegiance to the struggle
Ain't been easy
But cheers to Peezy for the weeks we lived out of duffle
Bags is all we had
Do anything for my Mama, I love you
One day I'll pay you back for the sacrifice
That ya managed to muscle
Sixteen, you sent me through customs so
All aboard my spaceship to Mercury
Turn First at the light that's in front me
Cause every night I'mma do it like it's my last
This dream is all that I need
Cause its all that I ever had
-iggy azalea

07 October 2013


I see colors when I hear your voice
Grab your wings, theyre putting gravity on trial
I see colors, I dont hear the noise, sometimes were only flying for awhile
I could love you in the falling rain,
Grab your things, this is a storm were meant to ride
Like synesthesia, aboard a stalling plane, its like were only flying for awhile, flying for awhile...