19 September 2011


Sunday ➝ move in day.
+600 wake up
+730 arrive
+800 check in
+1000 situated.
lunch at the University Center.
dinner at A-I dining hall (potatoes and string beans).

Donovan and I made a super market discovery. WinCO, a Costco-wannabe but cheaper than Walmart supermarket. It's pretty radical inside. Now we know where we're getting groceries.

Today I locked myself out of my hall because I accidentally closed the door while going to empty my trashcan. So I waited 30 minutes in the main lounge until quiet hours were over and then Michaela saved my ass. I hiked over to A-I by myself today and had breakfast solo. Scrambled eggs, tater-tots, sausage, tea, OJ, and chocolate chip pancakes. Except I wasn't really happy about the chocolate chips being in my pancakes... Did you know the oranges in our freshly squeezed OJ are grown on campus? I thought that was pretty cute. The machine that squeezes the oranges is pretty cool too.


summer's end

Mood: bittersweet
Currently playing: Eyes - Kaskade
Friday Blake and I went to Bill Barber park to longboard. Well I long boarded and he skateboarded.
Saturday we watched Drive with *~Ryan Gosling~* in it. hehe. The movie was pretty gory, and I didn't really like the graphic arts, but Ryan Gosling was in it, so that made up for it. (lol) We biked around Northwood and Portola until 6, where we then headed off to garden grove for Cham Sut Gol. Their AYCE kbbq was pretty good for the price $17. They had 5 types of meat, side dishes, rice, salad, and a personal soup. Blake and I both got bean paste soup. Really good, and it's not too spicy. They also had ice cream for dessert, with that- a huge line for ice cream.

Parting that night was pretty painful though :[
I had a really good summer overall though. It started good, and ended well. Beach house, OC fair, shopping, beach, east coast, and the small adventures here and there with Blake ♥

Until next summer,

15 September 2011

a thursday date

mood: sad
currently playing: Johnny and June (I heard it on the Today Show this morning)
Blake took me out today. We went to Panera for lunch, strolled through parks, made a trip to Thrifty's (he bought me ice cream :]), and went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner.

(Blake and his "Macaroni and Cheese Burger")

(Our "Kahlua Coffee Cheesecake")

What's your favourite cheesecake flavor?


14 September 2011


⟩ Yesterday Blake and I went to BWW for 55¢ wings and then his house to watch Paranormal Activity after. I finished the evening with 40 minutes of yoga to relax my body and soul.

⟩ Today my mom and I went to Costco to get this soft Sherpa Throw for college.

From around noon to the late afternoon, Ashley Alice and I had a spa day in Fullerton.

(Alice got her nails done by Ashley, we had  떡볶이라면사리)
And guess what I came home to?

Thank you OhLucky.me for the iTunes gift card!

Have you guys gone to a Korean spa before? Which ones do you like?


13 September 2011

Bliss at The Montage

mood: calm
currently: eating jello & watching Adventure Time
       Today Blake and I went to the beach below The Montage Resort. Since it's back to school week, there was absolutely no one on the beach except for a few middle-aged surfers and a few couples. We had literally half the beach to ourselves by the late afternoon. After hiding out underneath the sunbrella and relaxing, we drove to DJ and Blake had a boba milk tea for the first time at 85ºC. He commented on how random it is to put boba in milk tea, but I think he enjoyed it overall. Before he left, he bought a pineapple bun (菠蘿包 bo-lo-bao) HOPEFULLY he enjoys it.
       A few other good things happened today- I passed alcoholEdu with a 90%, and I glitter tipped my nails with pink, silver, and red glitter!

Getting an email/syllabus from my chemistry professor asking us to get textbooks & clickers makes everything seems so scary. It makes me realize that summer is ending, and that I have 5 days before move-in day and before college starts...


10 September 2011

08 September 2011


Yesterday Blake invited me over, and we went to the super market to buy garlic&onions, then rented a Redbox. We went back to his place after and made spaghetti for lunch and we watched Unknown after that. Good day yesterday.

05 September 2011

things we're going to do in september

Just the small things Blake and I are going to conquer before the month ends...
+Thrifty's irregular cylinder shaped scoops
+Curry House
+woodbury pool
+movie day
Oh, and the cutest movie ever coming out October. Like Crazy

I can't think of any more at the moment. But there's not a lot of September left anyways.

I've been bed ridden sick with a horrible stomach virus for the past four days and I haven't been able to ingest anything but water. I'm much better today, I can get up and go online ^-^ It's so not fair though, my family and boyfriend have been eating everything delicious and I just keep on hearing about it T_T

I just realised that I am officially a credit card and two debit card holder (: So it's very tempting to buy things when I'm browsing online on UNIQLO, MUJI, TOPSHOP....bleh. It also reminds me how much I miss New York. Rumour has it (or I've heard from Janice) that NYC is going to have a Laudree soon? Those lucky New Yorkians..

Every day is one day closer to move-in day. Mine is the 18th at 8am (eek so early). I haven't gotten everything I needed yet. hmm need to make a check list..
+twin xlong sheets / pillow case / blankets / mattress pad
+extra pillow
+alarm clock
+hair brush / hair dryer / shampoo / conditioner / shower caddy
+basic makeup / umbrella / Tide to go stick
+sneakers / sandals / boots / boatshoes / heels / socks
+laptop / laptop case/ cords and cable / USB HD /mouse / printer / desk lamp
+stationary / calculator / stapler / tape / notebooks / binders / pushpins / post-its / trashcan
+backpack / calendar / purse
+bowls / small pot / cups / utensils / tissue / airtight container / dishsoap
+辛 ramen cups / tea / popcorn / oreos / cheezits / ritz crackers / Advil

It seems like every social networking site has a location service and new settings...ahh


01 September 2011

Swarovski came out with a Hello Kitty line! I got a necklace and a set of rings. They're really cute! Today I also went to Burger Bash with Blake to watch the marching band debut their first movement of their 2011 Queens show. Good job to pit, guard, and everyone else! I went to Laguna Beach the other day with Ashley, Alice, Arya, Rohit, David Wang/Hong, Sepehr, the Ni sisters, Melissa, William, and Alex. It was a nice, sunny, and cloudless day, and everyone was skim boarding.