13 September 2011

Bliss at The Montage

mood: calm
currently: eating jello & watching Adventure Time
       Today Blake and I went to the beach below The Montage Resort. Since it's back to school week, there was absolutely no one on the beach except for a few middle-aged surfers and a few couples. We had literally half the beach to ourselves by the late afternoon. After hiding out underneath the sunbrella and relaxing, we drove to DJ and Blake had a boba milk tea for the first time at 85ºC. He commented on how random it is to put boba in milk tea, but I think he enjoyed it overall. Before he left, he bought a pineapple bun (菠蘿包 bo-lo-bao) HOPEFULLY he enjoys it.
       A few other good things happened today- I passed alcoholEdu with a 90%, and I glitter tipped my nails with pink, silver, and red glitter!

Getting an email/syllabus from my chemistry professor asking us to get textbooks & clickers makes everything seems so scary. It makes me realize that summer is ending, and that I have 5 days before move-in day and before college starts...


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