22 August 2012

Collecting Dispersions

mood: tired
So the surprise that I mentioned two blog posts down, was that I'm going to Europe! Compliments of my aunt from PV. You can read all about it > here <.
I have to remember to sew pockets tomorrow, go to Daiso, check out all and pick out a camera that we own, get some disposable cameras, and .... gee there's so much to do I don't remember all my tasks at the same time.
I'm a little upset we have to ride Delta with a layover coming back, instead of direct flights with Air France. Oh well. I am thankful I get to go to Europe already, and that I shouldn't complain about first world problems.
Oh! And instead of London, I'm making a detour to Zurich by EuroStar and then fly into Milan. Yee! So exciting!


20 August 2012


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Listening to: the sound of the keyboard's clicks
I got a haircut today. And it's absolutely dreadful- emotionally. It's about 3 inches below the shoulder. Meh, but the service and the salon was absolutely wonderful.
I needed the hair cut though. My sister said with the long hair, I looked as if my stress level was over and out.
Anyways, I've started a new blog here I don't think it's very successful or what I had intended but it serves.
I hope I start shooting in 35 mm soon again.


14 August 2012


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mood: overheating and irritated

Summer session finally ended, and on a well (not perfect though) note. I spent two days in Rancho Palos Verde spending the first day brunching and the luxurious Terranea Resort and ventured around Hollywood for the remainder of the evening. The day after, we cozied up in a tucked away french cafe for breakfast, and spent that day touring multi million dollar estates and watching super hero movies.

view from my bedroom in PV
Soon after the two day escape to PV, we decided to make a spontaneous getaway to San Francisco. We spent 4 nights in SF venturing around downtown, Sausalito, and Tiburon.
I'm finally back and settled, however I think I have one more surprise around the corner. I'll update you guys later with that when September nears.

xox i.