30 October 2011

halloween weekend

now playing: Christmas songs
watching: Something Borrowed
mood: jealous of the east coast and their snow

I'm really wanting some of the winter collection things from UNIQLO.
Today my boyfriend took me to the Irvine Regional Park & we went to the pumpkin patch then longboarded/skateboarded after. I love my boyfriend. ☺

Me & my weekly/Halloween issue of The New Yorker.

So what is everyone up to for halloween? Anyone dressing up? Parties? Events?

25 October 2011

Yoga is so powerful.

People who are depressed tend to live in the past too much, and people who are anxious live in the future. In yoga, we want to be here, present and in the moment. We never want to look down or up, just ahead.

I've been late to every class today. Oh well. The day wasn't horrible. I just thought it was weird.
I had pain au chocolat for breakfast today. Then at 5pm, after my advising class, I went to yoga class. Oh my! three days of not doing yoga certainly caught up with me. Everything was just painful and I had lost my endurance. I also feel like I'm not ever going to be able to do the arm balance poses (crane pose, scale pose, or the side crane pose) or the bridge.
Anyways. I had too much to eat tonight, and despite the fact that it was meatless Monday, the BBQ beef brisket was so delicious! I guess my punishment was a massive stomachache. Thus accounted for my 30 min walk in the fog at night.
It's getting late now. I should go sleep.

rawr rawr rawr. I miss Blake.
Goodnight everyone! ♥
// my weekend haul from j.crew was this in ivorythis in heather earth//

22 October 2011


now playing: iron and wine | upward over the mountain
currently: about to go to sleep
I'm back home for the weekend as usual to be with my boyfriend. He brings me comfort, security, and tranquility.
Today/yesterday (october 21) marks the one year anniversary of going to NYC for the first time. The city that enchanted me. The city that I fell in love with. My first love. I will be there for you one day, and I will stay.
Everyday either in the middle of the day or after my classes, I go to the university student recreational center to take yoga. It's been amazing and healing. So far my spine has gotten much straighter, and I've been detoxing. It's almost impossible to say that I'm not addicted. I hope that one day when I have the time to, I will go and visit the Glen Ivy Spa in Corona to practice meditation and further detox.
this is my new lifestyle
My sandals broke, so I think I'll go shopping tomorrow after lunch with Blake. OH- I need yoga blocks and straps.

09 October 2011

Knotts Scary Farm 2011

Yesterday class was canceled so I went/got home at 3 !

At around 530ish Blake and I went to Curry House and had our chicken katsu curry :3 And then we headed off to Knott’s Scary Farm. We did all 13 mazes, walked through all scare zones, saw the comedy/show “Haunt Wonders of Technology” (« be advised. really inappropriate and boring) , rode Pony Express, Calico Mine Express, and Sleepy Hollow Mountains Timber Log Ride, and shared a strawberry funnel cake ! :]

Pretty bomb night. I knocked out on the ride back home hahhaha But now back to reality and rushing to complete my endless flow of homework. I hope everyone is doing well, and has start studying for midterms! Eat and stay healthy!


04 October 2011

It's starting to feel like fall.

listening to: the clicking of laptop keyboards.
mood: down
I've suddenly become so unmotivated.
I blame it on my lack of sleep. I have so much homework to do. Over 200+ pages to read for the online class. Then the worksheets that go along with those pages. Also the english paper due next Thursday. Then I have a math quiz to study for, but thank God I finished all but one of the sections for math homework online. I've lost my second place in chemistry lecture, but I'm fifth out of three hundred some, still good, but bad for dropping. I have a prelab to do, and a quiz to study for, then I have three chemistry chapters to read, and my printer doesn't work with out a cable.

Plus I left my earphones back at home. And it was so cold today. Riverside started raining this week. Or most of Southern California did...
This wasn't a rant. This was just to let myself know what else I have to do.

I hope I get a new iPhone soon. My iPhone is broken, pixels vibration and (sometimes) sound not working. The new iPhone is cool.

There used to be 25 people in the yoga class, but today there was only 8. I guess it's too cold and early to be waking up at 630 in the morning and taking that hike to the rec center. There's yoga and cardio kickboxing tomorrow, so I look forward to that.

I hope everyone is doing well.

ps. i covered up my McQueen October calendar image because it is too frightening to look at X_X