04 October 2011

It's starting to feel like fall.

listening to: the clicking of laptop keyboards.
mood: down
I've suddenly become so unmotivated.
I blame it on my lack of sleep. I have so much homework to do. Over 200+ pages to read for the online class. Then the worksheets that go along with those pages. Also the english paper due next Thursday. Then I have a math quiz to study for, but thank God I finished all but one of the sections for math homework online. I've lost my second place in chemistry lecture, but I'm fifth out of three hundred some, still good, but bad for dropping. I have a prelab to do, and a quiz to study for, then I have three chemistry chapters to read, and my printer doesn't work with out a cable.

Plus I left my earphones back at home. And it was so cold today. Riverside started raining this week. Or most of Southern California did...
This wasn't a rant. This was just to let myself know what else I have to do.

I hope I get a new iPhone soon. My iPhone is broken, pixels vibration and (sometimes) sound not working. The new iPhone is cool.

There used to be 25 people in the yoga class, but today there was only 8. I guess it's too cold and early to be waking up at 630 in the morning and taking that hike to the rec center. There's yoga and cardio kickboxing tomorrow, so I look forward to that.

I hope everyone is doing well.

ps. i covered up my McQueen October calendar image because it is too frightening to look at X_X

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