30 September 2013

Vampire Weekend x Beirut at the Hollywood Bowl

Just the set list I found online so I can forever remember the amazing concert.
(Note that Vampire Weekend played selected songs from Contra as well on this Modern Vampire of the City tour), all media below was found on and credited from tumblr.
Beirut Set List
1. Nantes
2. Mimizan
3. Postcards from Italy
4. East Harlem
5. Cocek (traditional folk song)
6. A Sunday Smile
7. The Akara
8. The Shrew
9. Elephant Gun
10. Cherbourg
11. Santa Fe
12. Vagabond
13. Coshen

Vampire Weekend Set List
1. Cousins
2. White Sky
3. Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa
4. Diane Young
5. Unbelievers
6. Holiday
7. Step
8. Horchata
9. Everlasting Arms
10. Finger Back
11. California English
12. A-Punk
13. Ya Hey
14, Don’t Lie
15. Campus
16. Oxford Comma
17. Giving Up The Gun
18. Obvious Bicycle
19. Hannah Hunt
20. Walcott

ps Xx played sunday night at the Bowl, and arctic monkeys are at wiltern LA on monday!!!! i wish i could go!!!!

Lovely Saturday

Currently: still dazed from saturday's date
Mood: exhausted

So B bought me tickets to see Vampire Weekend for my 20th birthday, and it was a surprise..which really did catch me by surprise because we talked about it before, but the idea was not really concrete.
We started that morning by heading over to Brandy Melville's sale at OCC at around 10A, but people had lined up at 12A the night of. Since I wasn't really crazy for the sale, we just decided to go last minute and see if it was possible to make it in in a timely manner. Boy were we wrong. Following their twitter, I had seen the tweets sent out about letting two groups in already, but as we were browsing the entire line, there seemed to be more than 400 people in line still (not exaggerating on the numbers) and the line wasn't moving at all. Therefore we skipped the sale and headed to Santa Monica.
We got to SanMo at 12, and first browsed the farmer's market that was going on, then grabbed a slice of pizza at Stefano's, then shopped the promenade. After walking up and down 3rd St, we went towards Santa Monica Place where we browsed Kitson, and joined FP for their Detox and Detangle event. FP partnered with Brambila Salon and Vita Coco, and giving out free coco water and letting their customers get their hair braided. I got mine in a fishtail :)
After the fun little event, B and I went to Fred Segal. Lucky for us, they were having their huge sale! We did not get to go to the Fred Segal shop (on 420 Broadway) but instead we only had time for The Closet at Fred Segal (500 Broadway, another building). I have never been to Fred Segal before, and I am not familiar with their layout, but I can only assume that The Closet is just more contemporary clothing or high end designer clothing because the array I see inside is targeted towards young adults. Anyways I had a fun time shopping at Fred Segal, I hope to get lucky with their sale again the next time I come, about 1/3 of The Closet was 50% off!
B took me to Brentwood after Fred Segal, he said he had a little surprise for me...that is... after we go to Union Made. Union Made was in a dainty cute quiet little shopping plaza called Brentwood Country Mart. Everything is so nice and artsy in the little center and I love it so much! Turned out that the surprise he had planned for me was Caffe Luxxe. Because it was almost time for dinner, we just shared a cup of (house) cold brew, and let me tell you- oh. my. gosh. It was THE best coffee I've had yet. And B, who isn't even a coffee connoisseur was gushing over how amazing the blend was. I have to go back again! At this hour, we were already running a tad late on schedule, so we panicked about dinner. Luckily there was a nice italian venue across the street- Louise's Trattoria. I ordered the chicken piccata and B had the eggplant parmigiana. Although the service was slow, (we were sitting outside, though mind us that there were only two other tables eating at the early hour) the focaccia bread was heavenly, as was the dipping olive oil and balsamic, and both entrees were fab.

(media source: tumblr)
After that we drove super fast to Westwood, hoping we wouldn't miss our 7P shuttle. We made it just on time thankfully. The shuttle ride took about 30 min or so (the bus also left late), and we arrived at the venue at 820P, when Beirut was already performing. Zach did a talented job singing and playing the trumpet, and the set list was perfect! I was a little upset though, that some of the people...well most...around us were asking who Beirut was (yes I am offended) and when Beirut were going to be finished so they could watch Vampire Weekend. ): Ezra and his team finally came onstage after a 20 minute intermission and wow, it was lively and entertaining. To sum it up in a very short sentence- the Vampire Weekend concert at Hollywood Bowl was basically an 17376 people indie dance party where everyone sang along, cheered, and even stood up to dance. The crowd ranged from high school students to working adults. Mainly grouped around 25-28 year olds though. Most people had drank during Beirut's performance and were all giddy and jivy during Vampire Weekend, making the experience very 'jolly'. Of course, Ezra and pals, ended with an encore playing Hannah Hunt and the ole loved Walcott where for sure 100% of the crowd stood up to sing and jive along.
The concert and day was so incredibly fun, and memorable that I still find myself daydreaming over Saturday's date still. I can't wait for another opportunity like this to arise and so B and I can have fun this much again exploring and enjoying music and LA. Thank you so much again B for the amazing day!!!


19 September 2013

Waves of nostalgia floods me- I miss you.

09 September 2013

Do I Wanna Know?

Whenever I look back at my past text posts from many years ago, I feel a little proud of my works and amazed that I was able to compose works such as those. Many of those times I feel embarrassed and dumb at the moment of production. It's too bad that 90% of the things I write end up getting wiped within 24 hours.

I told myself I would blog more this summer; ended up not turning my computer on for multiple days in a row, mostly online from my phone- so I'm proud of that accomplishment, but ashamed I wasn't able to document feelings, thoughts, and emotions from every day's activities.

I am listening to some of Arctic Monkey's new album in random order, mostly from tumblr. I think the overall album is good, great, lovely, but most of the songs were not what I wanted it to be- 90's/red tartan/british rock/doc martens/electric guitar...'heavy' rock. Most of the songs are lighter, let's just say I wanted most of the album to be like "Do I Wanna Know" or "Arabella" "Knee Socks" "R U Mine"...but wait that's a lot of tracks, maybe I just haven't finished the album yet... (∴ my entire 'interpretation' so far could be wrong now...) Besides "Do I Wanna Know", I would have to say my second or 'tied' favorite song from the album is "No. 1 Party Anthem", I mean the entire groove of an album visually pictured by me, is like...(sorry I'm so bad with history/dates etc) set in the 1980's (or maybe 1960s-1980s) of a white couple in their apartment space, a girl in a bathtub on an average saturday morning rebelliously taking a smoke, sporting slighty heavy kohl eyeliner, while having her favorite rock vinyl spinning and the guy sitting in this partially opened/loosely tied bathrobe, reading the paper on some political scandal, and playing with his girl's long brown locks with his free hand and talking to her........ and there is some plants in the blue and white tiled-floor bathroom. It's a chilly 64 degree fahrenheit outside with no breeze though.

Okay time to own this bad boy on LP, or perhaps buy myself a 33⅓ rpm microgroove vinyl spinner first..

You are so hurtful. 
Everything is so hurtful about you.