25 September 2014


Sick of low-life(s) stealing my ideas, tunes, and inspirations.
Go get your own imagination fuckers.

21 September 2014

Last day of summer 2014

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mood: happy

I am back from Italy! Pictures should be up on the photoblog soon, and the travel blog will have bits and pieces of details. Hopefully it won't take too long sorting through the memory card.
I am also back at the bakery. The rest of the week consists of opening shifts (starting 530am on some days). Knowing that I won't be working during the week and only during the weekends from now on until winter break saddens me because I love being in store and helping out. I'm starting to think I enjoy customer service jobs because I like making people happy etc.

Besides that, my life right now consists of trying to tidy home, school, and general things up. Uni finished the new apartments and I got to see them when I checked in the other day. Beautiful living spaces! I feel blessed to be next to and be able to use the facilities (as well as the new gym that we are going to be having). I'm also very pleased (so far) with my class schedule for the upcoming school quarter. I will update on that when I finish a week's worth of classes. (ohmygosh just found out my class doesn't start until 5pm on the first day of school?? haha!)

Fall starts as of tomorrow....
xo i