16 December 2012

I hope everyone's winter break is going well.


listening to:梁心頤 - Darling
mood: empty
Finals are finally over. In all honesty- I do not think I did so hot in organic chemistry. And I vow to myself that I will try harder next quarter in every subject. I am so tired of everyone giving up on me, losing faith, but at the same time I appreciate how no one bothers me about it anymore.

I wish I could be a better person. I wish I could be a calmer person, with patience that flows forever and knowledge that runs deep. Of course that would depend how much perseverance, determination, and dedication I have towards that matter. I need to learn how to stop wasting time. I think that I am slowly getting better in that area, not very pronounced but I know it has improved within the past 3 years. Something else I want to improve is my vision. I should stop spending so much time on my phone and computer. Also sleep earlier. I know this all sounds like random rambling and resolutions that will never be resolved but I think that the more I think about it the more effort I will put into making it happen.

11 December 2012

fresh tuesdays

keyboard clicks, 35mm film, never sleeping, constant sleeping, milk skin, red and blue edged international mail, a lover's smile, strawberry popsicles, improv accordion tunes on the bank of the Seine, vinyl, inky fingers, december, world maps, bookshop smells, basements, art, exploring, red nail varnish, old architecture, cotton paper, The Weeknd, cafés, independent blogs.

I love the way you look at me under the dim lighting that flows through the dark mahogany wood on a foggy grey afternoon. x

beautiful youth

I want to go to Paris, shop the streets of Champs Elysee, and get macarons from Ladurée. I want to see all of Paris from the top of the Eiffel and walk along La Seine at night. I want to people & fashion watch in local cafes while drinking latte. I want to visit patisseries early in the morning, and bring back pain au chocolat & baguette for my lover and me as we enjoy breakfast together. I want to fling the French language off the tip of my tongue as you tango words back at me, together we can speak this gorgeous language. I want to live a beautiful life, together in the city of love, and the city of lights.
I want to swim in the Italian oceans with my lover, hike the hills, and taste the strawberry gelato from local vendors. I want to ride a pastel yellow vespa, holding my lover as spend lazy afternoons in Tuscany. I want houses that resemble castles covered in vines, and hidden behind dense wooden gates. I want to make meals that only my lover and I share as we celebrate every meal with Italian red-wine from south Lombardy. I want pizza that isn’t cardboard like every one in America. I want happiness and only love and no stress.

I want a dreamy life with european countries and la vie en rose playing as the soundtrack of my life…if only.
one day.