16 December 2012


listening to:梁心頤 - Darling
mood: empty
Finals are finally over. In all honesty- I do not think I did so hot in organic chemistry. And I vow to myself that I will try harder next quarter in every subject. I am so tired of everyone giving up on me, losing faith, but at the same time I appreciate how no one bothers me about it anymore.

I wish I could be a better person. I wish I could be a calmer person, with patience that flows forever and knowledge that runs deep. Of course that would depend how much perseverance, determination, and dedication I have towards that matter. I need to learn how to stop wasting time. I think that I am slowly getting better in that area, not very pronounced but I know it has improved within the past 3 years. Something else I want to improve is my vision. I should stop spending so much time on my phone and computer. Also sleep earlier. I know this all sounds like random rambling and resolutions that will never be resolved but I think that the more I think about it the more effort I will put into making it happen.

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