15 September 2015

Catching Up

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I feel like everytime I update this blog, it is a huge catching-up post for what's happened over the month.

Following the collaboration and work at GWU, I came back to school for a week to do more pattern processing. When the week ended, I left for my trip to Scandinavia immediately.

Europe was beautiful, per usual. This time I visited Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland. I spent the most time in Denmark and Norway, and briefly in Sweden and Finland. I am in love with Copenhagen and their lifestyle. I was also able to visit Odense (cute and small city, mainly famous because of Hans Christian Anderson), Hillerød, and Helsingør while in Denmark.

Moving to other countries- Norway is slightly out of touch with the world, but I rank it closely as a favorite just under Copenhagen because of all the beautiful UNESCO sites there were in the country. Norway isn't exciting in general, but it is SO so so so beautiful in terms of its scenery and nature. Sweden was disappointing to me, but maybe that is because I didn't stay for a very long time there. Finland seems like it could be interesting if I had time, but it did give me a hint of Russian influence, plus it was also more bare compared to the other countries.

Anyways. I hope I find time to update my travel blog so I can upload the Italy trip first, then Whistler, and Scandinavia LOL.

School has been a little...I don't know to be honest. I like what I do, but the people...to put it nicely, I feel like I can never fit in anymore and I don't even know what I did wrong...or so wrong to put it.

It's like high school all over again.
Except no one tells me over AIM that I'm an ass-wipe...just whispering it to each other and finding ass-wipe-appropriate remarks and jobs for me.

I guess.

11 August 2015

August Adventures to GWU & other places in D.C.

Before August even arrived, one of my colleagues pulled me out of a journal presentation gathering to ask me if I would like to accompany them to D.C. again to work on his project (etc). Skipping all the details and politics of elimination and selection; a day later I got the confirmation that I would be the one to go with them, and fast forward another day- I got the O-K to purchase plane tickets etc. On the third day I got on the plane and took a red-eye flight to Washington DC.

I'm not going to post a picture post where I talk about what I do everyday because it's self-explanatory (sort of) on Facebook with the GWU-DC album I provide for viewing. But my daily schedule looks sort of like:
0900: wake up
0915: coffee run to illy
0930: get on campus and into the office space
1000: start running EBL or /whatever/ microscope needed for /whichever/ test(s)
1200: lunch near campus (so many options = heaven!)
1300: continue experiment
1700: go home (this could be at 1800)
1830: go out to get dinner
1945: go/get home and go online or start my studying

There's not a lot of time for me to really wander or explore DC, but when I had time I have visited some of the places. By far my favorite is the entire DuPont district because everything is so beautiful, mellow, romantic, and quiet there. I feel like if I really want to, I can spend an entire Sunday there...
As far as stay goes- the professor of the group I'm visiting here at GWU has covered my lodging using AirBNB.
My AirBNB place is quite nice. It is a condo that has a bellman, RIFD key security downstairs, elevator, a lobby with a waiting lounge down stairs, and a rooftop pool. In my place I have a queen bed, television with cable, kitchen/bathroom/dining table, AC and heating unit, as well as towels and sheets provided. My host was very kind to tell me about the neighborhoods.

My professor I'm collaborating with has such generous actions and I cannot express my gratitude for his efforts. The group is very kind and open-minded which makes them very excellent team players and easy to communicate with. I was able to sit in someone's master defense, which was rather an intimate one and gain knowledge on how those things work, as well as participate in a 5-6 hour long group meeting (dear goodness), and go out for celebratory champagne via the professor invite. The school is beautiful (at least the Science and Engineering Hall is) and the campus is together but scattered across many blocks. In front of the S&EH is a Whole Foods which is ever so convenient, GWU is next to the 2000 Penn Ave which provides some cafes for lunch (and also many other dining shops), the school is next to a metro station, behind me is the Park Hyatt and Fairmont and Ritz Carlton, and three blocks down from my condo is a Trader Joes. I've learned how to navigate the streets quite decently (which is funny because the diagonal streets threw me totally off the first two days), and use the metro/bus lines smoothly. The people here are quite friendly yet reserved, and the city is still beautiful and awake like how cities should be, but definitely CLEANER and nicer than NYC or SF. Could this city possibly be a/my new muse?
Perhaps I'll blog more in depth on my travel blog once I clear up my Italy 2014 trip on the blog first. But for now...that's about it.

Things to do when of if I come back to DC again:
-DuPont farmers market
-visit more museums
-hang out in Georgetown more
-try more cupcakeries or bakeries (mainly in georgetown)
-visit the Mosaic District
-try pho14 or pho75
-diversify my coffee shop ventures
-watch a movie on the lawn on the national mall
-rooftop lounge/happy hour/dinners
-try Beefsteak (maybe this will happen before the end of this trip)
-brunch in Dupont/West End x4290348904 (!!!)
-take a weekend trip to NYC or even to Cape Cod :D

July Update

It's been more than a month since my last update. Since then lots of things has happened. Mostly the same old same old.

New things include: actually being comfortable with using an AFM machine by myself, giving a really bad journal club presentation, more kickbacks at T's house and lots of fun and angry times, T's birthday weekend (so fun! post-bbq car ride home :D ), hanging out with J/A/M, counting down to GRE aka stressing myself out everyday, actually going to the gym more frequently, being one of the first people to visit the new Starbucks on campus with T/T/D/P/E!!, D's goodbye at Hero's and learning out the servers there are untrustworthy the hard way..., going to an unusual amount of happy hours in a week (but was very happy about it all), watching many movies, growing graphene, getting clean room access and (unofficial) training!!, dinner at Five Crowns, going to kbbq every other week unintentionally, starting grad school apps (but abandoning it due to hectic schedule), getting my picture published in C&EN, MAKING PATTERNED SUBSTRATES, getting tased voluntarily with friends 0_0, finding a bomb taco place thanks to A, finalized lab moving, getting my new bed and dresser♥, trying to keep my head above the immature social life people douse themselves with around me, ...and getting offered to go to DC!!!

So there has obviously been a lot that's happened in a month, as well as more thing that I don't remember at the moment. Most of them are related to work or friends via work. I'm happy with what I do, I just don't enjoy the social experience from it too much because of jealousness and unnecessary hatred. (I promise I didn't do anything this time around).
But time is moving really fast recently and lots of new things keep coming into my life. It's hard to slow down and explain it all. I'm so backed up on my Brunching Lady blog too, I wish I could update that. I guess that will happen when I get extra time.

Entry on DC to come in next post...

xo i

04 July 2015

June-ly / [JOON-lie]

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Totally did not update respectively towards the days counting down to graduation.
Maybe I'll do a quick update later? Perhaps not. Depending on the time I have.

I've just finished week 3 of summer internship and researching, heading into week 4.
So far this is what things have been looking like:
`Days start at 6 or 8 depending on the schedule/day.
`Tutoring classes with the internship group every other day at 830a, and on off days raman time starts at 630a (tentative).
`The rest of the day consists of normal growth, workshops (!! ♥), and moving the lab.
`Going home at (anywhere between) 10p-12a.

Things that make me anxious/worried/nervous:
`my diet and fitness plans thanks to the hectic schedule (see 10 pm dinners, and not eating but always eating)
`not having enough time to study for the quizzes and materials I should be studying for, for the classes we're put in
`not having enough time to read papers/journals for our journal club → aka shitty presentations
`not having enough time to just de-stress → not having sanity of any sort... → mental breakdowns eventually ??
`not sleeping enough (going back to first point of this block)
`spending money like crazy on the weekends as a form of de-stressing (see retail therapy/my confessions of a shopaholic)
`a HUGE misunderstanding of me, behind my back, that is totally not true but has now spread to rumors..but who has time or immaturity for this shit?...which reminds me- FUCK YOU BITCH.

Things I've done that are in the more positive light:
`build better relations with certain people in the group
`moved out of my place and into another apartment complex with T~
`making memories day by day
`bond with the REU students
`finding new exciting things from my growth
`getting trained on/learning how to use the AFM
`getting a gym membership to try to force myself into a routine
`finished my bio/abstract/travel info for the convention in sept. (this took like 3 weeks to complete but i'm so happy i'm done)
`cleaning up my room (slowly) and hoping to get my new bed frame and dresser soon

I could keep making lists/ more lists/ different lists...but I'm not going to do that because once I start with my list-o-phile habit I'm going to go totally off topic and such.
We're currently in a long weekend which means more time to do things. So hopefully with two days left, I can accomplish more!!! I feel like I'm on this crazy grind but at the same time not really doing anything...if that makes sense? But I think you'd need to be in my shoes to understand.
Sorry for this slightly unstructured ramble. I just needed to get an update out.

xo i

08 June 2015

In about 7 hours, we're looking at:
1. group meeting & powerpoint presentation
2. report writing
3. office hours
4. final exam studying
5. sample mapping.
...on tomorrow's agenda.

Hello finals week.
Four days until graduation.
///not very happy about you copying the shit off my resume-profile...but I mean whatever I guess.

29 May 2015

7. Friday

Since I'm here and it's already Friday...

My day tomorrow:
Mijn dag van morgen:
Ma journée de demain:
8.00 Wake up
8.30 Off to growth meeting
9.00 Cue first growth
11.30 GSOE luncheon meeting event for STEM teaching plans
13.00 Start second growth & work
17.00 Raman
After that: Home!

28 May 2015

8. Thursday

Today was pretty good:
-Woke up earlier than I try to schedule myself to.
-There was absolutely nobody in line at Coffee Bean, so I was able to get my London Fog asap.
-This meant going to work/lab earlier than scheduled...resulting in starting early and giving myself ample time to work on my report that was due. Then I actually finished the report an hour before it was due (yes "very late", but way better than all the times that I'm still trying to finish it up as the class is starting five buildings down).
-I got to ask the teaching assistants all the questions I had in the time we were waiting for our reactions to heat up.
-Got to input all the data and analyzation data that I've been behind on
-Lab and work ended at 430 pm, meaning I got to eat dinner at 445 pm
-Went to the AWIS social event with A and V, (post on BL blog), and had a really nice time customizing my own mug.

And now it's past 12 and I'm still awake, but I blame myself for giving myself way too much time because I was essentially done with everything before 10. But I have a powerpoint to make for tomorrow's presentation so I'm working on that right now.

Tomorrow's Friday!! Hopefully the sashes come in soon so we can have our photoshoot.
bonne nuit!

♥ i

27 May 2015

Constant Headache

Your love was foreign to me.
It made me think maybe
Human's not such a bad thing to be.

But I just laid there in protest
Entirely fucked.
It's such a stubborn reminder
One perfect night's not enough.

It's just a constant headache
A tooth out of line.
They try to make you regret it
You tell them, “No, not this time”

I'm just a constant headache.
A dead pet device.
You hang me up, unfinished
With the better part of me no longer mine.
fucking love this song.