21 October 2014

I'm so fucked up right now. 
I spent an entire hour crying in class the other day, and then I wanted to feel in ballet so now my leg's fucked up. 

13 October 2014

I want you to want me this way
And I need you to need me to stay
If you say that you don't feel a thing
If you don't know, then just let me go.

ignore my dumb self

Things that hit me the hardest with hs nostalgia includes:

11th grade
dumb high school relationships
CG family & Ave Maria ♥ ♥ ♥ //Sara //CG MARRIAGES OMFG GUYS
going over to Kat&Char's to bake and just hang out
orchestra & all southern/honors orchestra/disneyland performances
marching band & disneyland performances & friday night football games
♥ sabre queen right here ♥
acoustic guitar / singing
dance (ballet/lyrical)
pop punk music and alt folk
sigur ros/sia/bon iver
meeting a lot of people at all the irvine high schools (Woodbridge/Irvine/Uni) and getting everyone to love and hate me in two different waves
the first time I went to NYC (dude my life changed 4ever)
karma hitting hard both ways
thinking that i was really going to pursue music/dance/advertisement as possible career fields
thrifting/brunching/coffee adventures/shopping/beach house with Chloe
September/October/November/December 11th grade

Wowowowowow this list basically sums up my high school life.
Remember the years when we fell in love while morning mist gathered in the early hours of the day, and the slow walks home under the soft swaying trees along the trails?

The future we would fabricate and dream about- what we really hoped for, was all uncertain. And how innocent everything was...and how perfect it all seemed.

Our lives was a story out of those cliche cheesy teenage romance novels.
We had it all.

I miss that so so much.

I miss Northwood so much and the shitastic memories it left me with.
How did I end up here?
When did we get so old, and how did time fly by so fast?

09 October 2014

headed for the open door

I want to make videos this winter break....if I get a bigger SD card, if I go somewhere interesting, or if I hang out with anyone besides myself LOL.

25 September 2014


Sick of low-life(s) stealing my ideas, tunes, and inspirations.
Go get your own imagination fuckers.