29 February 2016

Running to the Sound of the Light

I love the warm days spent listening to us in love,
wind grazing across our faces
cheekbones kissed by the Southern California sun.

I watched you dance on the soft brown sand
Droplets of the sea jumping along
And your carefree frolicking, tango across the malleable ground

The way you drop your arms,
hands slipping down invisible walls, skirt circling
and your beautiful caramel hair floating around you like fairy thread, glistening.

You ask me to come along
and I say- baby girl, I'm already there.

hippie child
sweet bambi love
my only one

I am in love
I am in love
I am in love with you in dreams.

05 January 2016

new year, new resolutions

Just came back from Japan, school has officially begun again. But I guess that would be another post are saved for another day.
This year, I resolve to...

1 Stop wasting time (same as last year)
2 Get another internship
3 Stick to a workout routine (unsuccessful last year)
4 Learn at least two skills off of my list of technical things I'd like to learn
5 Try to do my own work, mind my own business, and stop worrying about people trying to take me down
6 Cut back on coffee intake (unsuccessful last year)
7 Stop buying cheap things, establish a sense of style (still a work in progress)
8 Track purchases down (already failed)

I'm glad that I was able to meet almost all of my resolutions last year.

funny thing,

In 2009 Oct 28, I blogged about a muse of mine at the time, Isabelle Mcnally. I decided to revisit her life via social media today and saw that she's actually dating jonah hill now. Isabelle's father is also the owner of the reowned Balthazar of SOHO, if I haven't mentioned that already.

05 December 2015


currently: Watching Legally Blonde

Done with finals and academics for fall quarter of grad school, but the stress is still overwhelming.
Two weeks left until winter break.
I really need to see a doctor.

the things people say about you can be pretty mean, and they start getting to your head when it stays around long enough


23 November 2015

To Learn

RTL (micro architecture)
VLSI (do i know this already??)
logic circuit design

French language
Danish?? language
Typography Families
Latte Art (finally learned how to pull shots correctly, now to learn how to master frothing milk...)
Marketing 101
creating lens flare (is this possible?)
drum set (sos lorraine please help my t-grip)(sos timmy help teach)
bjj or kickboxing (so different but yeah)
insanity, but i suppose establishing a routine first..
professional development
get back into biking and swimming (bruhhh)
omg. i have. to learn. how to. play an acoustic. THIS HAS BEEN PUT OFF FOR WAY TOO LONG.
style me. bc wtf is this nonsense 17 year old brandy grunge shit i've got going on.. (oh wait. i did this so that lab peeps can chill da faq out lel)
I have a killer headache right now.
But I have to keep pushing through.

There's nothing as rewarding as the results after (literal) blood, sweat, tears, and many over night hours put into making a show happen. So here's to a new performance in the making.
Wish Sarah was still here in my life to remind us that there's no reward for the lazy. That we aren't good enough until we're perfect.
Will always remember to keep my head high and my mind humble.
To dream big, and shoot for the moon.

Justice will find us someday, and they will wake some day to see past all that's been wrong.

18 November 2015

I've Been Thinking Too Much

now playing: ride | twenty øne piløts
currently: stressing over job appppps

22 or 17?
Can't tell, but does it even matter?

Today my friends were trying to show me an article on accepting depression and how to overcome it.. o..k.. gtfo pls thnx

I'm falling, so I'm taking my time.

14 November 2015

I never understood what they say how an ugly personality can ruin a pretty face, until I met you.

Every time I lose motivation, inspiration, and drive, I think about how desperate you and your friends are. How insecure you guys are and how you guys go out of your way to secure a spot for yourselves. But when the time comes to prove yourselves, you guys can't even do so. I laugh.... Tell me so boldly and so loudly how you're great at - again? Because I swear I saw you trip and fall. Good god what is wrong with everyone at this school. Is this a blue collar thing?

Geezus. Wait up my friends, I'm coming soon. Because I'm tired of hanging out with these creativity-lacking low lives. I can't wait to be in a life surrounded by the cultured again.

12 November 2015

Past lives couldn't ever come between us
Some time the dreamers finally wake up
Don't wake me I'm not dreaming
Don't wake me I'm not dreaming

Islands under eyelids
Swim through the silence
You were all that, all that, all that I needed
Falling, falling into the deep end now