16 December 2012

I hope everyone's winter break is going well.


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Finals are finally over. In all honesty- I do not think I did so hot in organic chemistry. And I vow to myself that I will try harder next quarter in every subject. I am so tired of everyone giving up on me, losing faith, but at the same time I appreciate how no one bothers me about it anymore.

I wish I could be a better person. I wish I could be a calmer person, with patience that flows forever and knowledge that runs deep. Of course that would depend how much perseverance, determination, and dedication I have towards that matter. I need to learn how to stop wasting time. I think that I am slowly getting better in that area, not very pronounced but I know it has improved within the past 3 years. Something else I want to improve is my vision. I should stop spending so much time on my phone and computer. Also sleep earlier. I know this all sounds like random rambling and resolutions that will never be resolved but I think that the more I think about it the more effort I will put into making it happen.

11 December 2012

fresh tuesdays

keyboard clicks, 35mm film, never sleeping, constant sleeping, milk skin, red and blue edged international mail, a lover's smile, strawberry popsicles, improv accordion tunes on the bank of the Seine, vinyl, inky fingers, december, world maps, bookshop smells, basements, art, exploring, red nail varnish, old architecture, cotton paper, The Weeknd, cafés, independent blogs.

I love the way you look at me under the dim lighting that flows through the dark mahogany wood on a foggy grey afternoon. x

beautiful youth

I want to go to Paris, shop the streets of Champs Elysee, and get macarons from Ladurée. I want to see all of Paris from the top of the Eiffel and walk along La Seine at night. I want to people & fashion watch in local cafes while drinking latte. I want to visit patisseries early in the morning, and bring back pain au chocolat & baguette for my lover and me as we enjoy breakfast together. I want to fling the French language off the tip of my tongue as you tango words back at me, together we can speak this gorgeous language. I want to live a beautiful life, together in the city of love, and the city of lights.
I want to swim in the Italian oceans with my lover, hike the hills, and taste the strawberry gelato from local vendors. I want to ride a pastel yellow vespa, holding my lover as spend lazy afternoons in Tuscany. I want houses that resemble castles covered in vines, and hidden behind dense wooden gates. I want to make meals that only my lover and I share as we celebrate every meal with Italian red-wine from south Lombardy. I want pizza that isn’t cardboard like every one in America. I want happiness and only love and no stress.

I want a dreamy life with european countries and la vie en rose playing as the soundtrack of my life…if only.
one day.

18 November 2012


Been missing in action for too long, I thought maybe even some random updates would liven this place up little bit. Recently I have been trying to put my focus into school, and it's more of a progression than stagnation which I guess is a good start.
B came over this weekend and I'm very thankful for that. He brought me fuzzy socks, purple-yellow Dutch Iris, and pink Peruvian Lilies which I placed and arranged in my glass bottles.

we also spent later that afternoon sticking jelly gingerbread decals onto my window. We spent all of today working on homework and hunting for Hostess products since the company went out of business and is no longer making products. We went with a friend but the two of us didn't buy anything. For our 1½ years we didn't go out to eat, I guess we could've but I made us udon noodles and I thought that was more...heartfelt. Something made out of love and effort, plus it was cute cause we both helped out on the cooking. We ended the night watching Easy A and going out for black milk tea boba at TenRen with C.
I miss him now. Wish we could be cuddling the night away...

24 October 2012

Things are hectic. I am once again behind on school again and am not performing well. My mind is always elsewhere, wishing I could be somewhere else or studying something else. I cannot wait for the day when I can travel around because I hate settling down.
Seems like never though.

22 August 2012

Collecting Dispersions

mood: tired
So the surprise that I mentioned two blog posts down, was that I'm going to Europe! Compliments of my aunt from PV. You can read all about it > here <.
I have to remember to sew pockets tomorrow, go to Daiso, check out all and pick out a camera that we own, get some disposable cameras, and .... gee there's so much to do I don't remember all my tasks at the same time.
I'm a little upset we have to ride Delta with a layover coming back, instead of direct flights with Air France. Oh well. I am thankful I get to go to Europe already, and that I shouldn't complain about first world problems.
Oh! And instead of London, I'm making a detour to Zurich by EuroStar and then fly into Milan. Yee! So exciting!


20 August 2012


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I got a haircut today. And it's absolutely dreadful- emotionally. It's about 3 inches below the shoulder. Meh, but the service and the salon was absolutely wonderful.
I needed the hair cut though. My sister said with the long hair, I looked as if my stress level was over and out.
Anyways, I've started a new blog here I don't think it's very successful or what I had intended but it serves.
I hope I start shooting in 35 mm soon again.


14 August 2012


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mood: overheating and irritated

Summer session finally ended, and on a well (not perfect though) note. I spent two days in Rancho Palos Verde spending the first day brunching and the luxurious Terranea Resort and ventured around Hollywood for the remainder of the evening. The day after, we cozied up in a tucked away french cafe for breakfast, and spent that day touring multi million dollar estates and watching super hero movies.

view from my bedroom in PV
Soon after the two day escape to PV, we decided to make a spontaneous getaway to San Francisco. We spent 4 nights in SF venturing around downtown, Sausalito, and Tiburon.
I'm finally back and settled, however I think I have one more surprise around the corner. I'll update you guys later with that when September nears.

xox i.

29 June 2012

What Kind of Bird Are You?

now playing: Romeo and Juliet Overture-fantasy | Tchaikovsky
mood: nervous and excited for different reasons

Today B and I went to see Moonrise Kingdom after lecture, and if you’re into stuff by Sofia Coppola or a fan of Wes Anderson (yes it’s written by him) you’ll be deeply in love within 5 seconds the film starts.

I love the setting (fictional) and the shooting location (Rhode Island). The props and costumes are simple yet cute. The characters have that Royal Tenenbaums feel (since it’s by Anderson), where they’re just dramatically annoyed and irritated all the time and keep things to a “few-elaborated” words when conversing. Then there’s always that dramatic love-seperation theme. If you’re more familiar with Sofia Coppola, then I can just tell you it’s the man version of her films with less haze, and more of a yellow-vintage filter to the film. It’s really really wonderful and worth your money, so I recommend the movie to you if you’re looking for something to watch.

My favorite character is Suzy, ahaha surprise surprise, because she reminds me of me at school and such. Plus her mentality is relatable, although i can promise you I have never stabbed anyone with a left hand scissor…

okay. at least not in real life.

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25 June 2012


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drinking: 王老吉
Today was the first day of summer session, B picked me up and drove us there at 8am and so the routine will follow for the next five weeks. We have a lovely little book as our required text and costed only $16.
I'm still trying to tidy up things at home from NYC and school, so much things.
I ended freshman year third quarter on a good note, or an improved note I should say. Thank you to my super genius boyfriend for helping me in math- if my tard brain didn't slip on that one problem and didn't lose 20pts automatically, I would've gotten an A+ on my math final... (*´ο`*) =3

I started a mental list of places-I-want-to-go-now, here it is (the short version):
-deelux (selling old clothes)
-joe's italian ice
-movie theaters (to watch Moonrise Kingdom and Brave)

yep. I made that in my head a few hours ago, and I am very sure it will expand. Oh The Vegan Stoner added a new post, seems interesting. I should try it out sometime. (plus this from a while back)


25 May 2012


This place is literally a hell-hole for me. I am tired of eating asian-like food all day, I don't even like asian food to begin with. And I have allergies now, severe allergies after living here for 10 months. My eyes are feverish, I can use up a whole roll of toilet paper just in two hours of sitting here at my desk, my palate burns the most in the morning, my ears hurt, and I sneeze quite frequently.
I wanna go home.


24 May 2012


playing: climax (acoustic cover) - usher
currently: refusing to study for midterms
It's 1:30AM and I'm sitting here reminiscing about Disneyland adventures, dreaming about getting a new iPhone, and a nice pack of Polaroid 600 film.

So Blake got me Noir Tease from VS as a one year gift ^_^ It smells really nice, a little musky undertone but has an overall vanilla-pear-floral scent. I think the packaging and design of the bottle is cute. It has a lace sheet and a pink atomizer. The fragrance might remind you a little of viva la juicy eau de parfum but it's not as strong and fades away faster, but my favorite part about it is that it leaves a 'sweet natural' scent, a little like if it was your (lol yes) natural scent, or maybe lotion-applied-from-last -night-still-on-you smell. It isn't like most perfumes where it's so strong it gives you a headache or irritates your nose.

Anyways I think I should keep studying. Here's the nice song.


p.s. sorry if you follow on tumblr and I basically repost the same things over and over again.

22 May 2012

unrecorded prayers

I forgot to record this down on Saturday, although I should be already feeling this way everyday.
I am thankful that my boyfriend can provide; happiness and etc.

and happy belated one year♥


10 May 2012

Dear psych student in the latter discussion,

thanks. (:

coachella x LB

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mood: yearning


Next year I will go, and not sit here feeling sorry for myself.

09 May 2012

You left your account open so I logged you out of your account. :)
-Concerned Classmate

05 May 2012

Whoosh Jelly

currently:eating watermelon and iMessaging B
Today was a semi-big day for me. Well it wasn't really that big, but it was important. B and I got up at 10 and had lunch at Class 302 then headed to Fashion Island to get business taken care of. After that we shopped around and I saw this really pretty white blazer that I said I'd go back for, but I forgot. We spent a long time inside Lush and I came out with the 3.5oz Whoosh Shower Jelly. It has a jelly consistency but doesn't really melt, you can lather it onto your loofa and it'll get foamy and slimy. It smells really nice too, in fact it's one of my favorite scents, I can't wait to use it.
Guess what! The kitty foster people were also there at the pet shop too. So I got to play with some kitties and pet them. They were all sleepy and especially this tiny 4-week kitten that was asleep. The kitty was so small she could fit in my hand and I could basically cover her up if I closed my hand! I was very happy after that. There were also bunnies in the front display, and this white dwarf albino bunny was noming against the window while her brown dwarf bunny behind her was yawning :3 sooo cute!
After all that we rushed to the Spectrum in hopes of catching the 4:20 showing of Lucky One but we were a tad late, so we opt for the Five Year Engagement was wasn't too bad, it was pretty entertaining.

mmhm. so that was my day today. pretty nice. Time to read some psych articles so I can take quizzes later..

29 April 2012

wildfox baby

mood: tired
currently: taking online tests for psychology
I came home this weekend exhausted after calculus midterms to find that my mom had gotten me the lace shorts and Wildfox bicoastal sweater I really wanted. I love her, she's such a sweetie ♥ Later that evening we went to the Ritz in for dinner; that was lovely too because I asked for my steak to be reheated and they just gave me a new steak even though I had already finished half of the original one. Five stars for quality and true dedication towards customer service.
Today I was supposed to go out with B, but that didn't happen so hopefully next week or so. Instead I went to the mall and bought a gorgeous tie-dye silk maxi dress, royal blue blazer, and crochet crop top, doing much damage to my wallet. I probably won't end up keeping them all.

Chemistry midterm is on Tuesday, and I am still shaky on the material...I have lots of catching up to do tomorrow.

27 April 2012


There are somethings that I never tell people because I don't want them to judge me or to laugh at me. Because it is absolutely ridiculous. Or at least the ideas are. But I wish to be a model, and I know I'm too fat and short and not pretty enough, but that's what I wish. I also wish to go to art school to study some kind of graphic design or fashion management or styling. mmhm. And then to study abroad in Italy and Paris and learn one of their languages. But life is life, and there are reasons why things happen and don't.


26 April 2012

dalai lama's shock

A friend of mine posted this on tumblr. I've seen the quote before, and it is true, especially applies to all the Irvinian people (people from Irvine haha) because it seems that we're always in a rush to get to the finish line, and we're always obsessed with being the best and the richest. Very superficial to say the least...

And then there's this that reminds me of B. minus the cussing.

image source via tumblr


Lana Del Rey

(image source via tumblr)

I think lana del rey is super amazing and inspiring. I love her music, I know some people don't like her style, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but I don't think it's right for them to bash on her.

06 April 2012

not sleepy

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mood:energetic and not sleepy at 2AM
Just chatting with mon ami in the early AM, discovering new music that pleases my ear, and refusing to shower (for this moment, it should happen soon though.) I have been reaching my exercise/gym goals (so far) but I have not been sleeping at a reasonable time, so I think I should make that change next week.
Something that really bothers me is my psychology class; we discuss pseudopsychology. In general, I am pretty opened to everyone's views, but the teacher really has a biased tone against some of the viewpoints. I live by the moon, stars, spiritual lifestyle, and alternative healing so the tone of criticism in the class really insults my more sensitive side on the subject matter.
Well I should probably wrap up my conversation with B, and go to sleep...despite the fact that my class does not start tomorrow until 5PM.


04 April 2012


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mood: relaxed, cosy
So I tried posting to tumblr more, but I still hate it. It erases my writings mid-creating and the themes suck. I want to make my own but I'm honestly too lazy and I think that'd be a waste of time. I'm resorting to my faithful blogspot. ♥ I'm surprised that Picnik is shutting down on the 19th of April ): much sadness, thus I have been using the premium privileges the past few days only with webcam photos; but they're still good.

“Making love in the afternoon stops the world. The clock beside the bed reads a dazzle of broken red lines, vying for completion. The pillows on the floor dare not settle, their feathers suspend inside, a bloat of anticipation. The phone clenches the cradle, willing itself not to ring, and the faucet holds its single tear. Outside, if a dog barks, the wind simply swallows it until our bodies stop and slide back to single selves. Then, around us, the spinning starts anew, as if the electricity, suddenly restored, starts a record again, the slurred sound of the world gaining momentum until it sings and sings.”
—Camille-Yvette Welsch, Afternoons

This quarter my schedule is lighter and I am only taking two major classes and one humanities. {chemistry, lab, math, psychology} I am striving for an earlier bed time, studying every night, and exercising.

29 March 2012


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mood: light

Carly Rae Jenson's Call Me Maybe song has been stuck in my head lately, it is so catchy! I really want to bleach the tips of my hair/ombre it, and dye it lavender and cotton candy pink; all random ideas. So goes the insanity for Lush products and Wildfox Couture. Anyways so far my freshman year of college spring break has been going rather well. {Fashion Island, dinner at Maggiano's Little Italy, South Coast Plaza, Cham Sut GolDisneyland California AdventuresIrvine Regional Park, and morning hike and brunch.}

+photos here

//to be continued.
ps; this is also my 100th post! yay

14 March 2012

Primadonna Girl

Maria and the Diamond's very catchy, new song, Primadonna.
I personally adore the hair, makeup, & costume.


06 March 2012

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Today I spent my afternoon, after having a delightful lunch with my mother at Ten Ren's, watching Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Hepburn has such a graceful poise and charm in this film.


04 March 2012


now playing: if it kills me - jason mraz
mood: sad
happy march.
this weekend was great; B came over, brought me macarons, and took me out to eat, and yesterday we went to Heat festival where I saw dj fei fei and mac miller. We spent most of the weekend sleeping and napping too, but it was good. I missed him.

He left early this morning to go home though :(


01 March 2012


Making people happy. Going to the city. Skirts. Long skirts, mini skirts, short skirts, maxi skirts, a-line skirts. & Dresses. Tea. Sunday beach-brunches. Sitting outside and reading on a sunny day. Receiving hand written letters in the mail. “what if’s” Receiving a roll of film back. Coffee houses. Going to the country. Back rubs. The smell and taste of strong lattes slightly sweetened with brown sugar. City rooftop parties. People watching. Burning gingerbread candles. Red lipstick. Pink tinted lipstick. Nude lipstick. Black honey lipstick. Bare footed and high heels. Wearing beautiful sunglasses. Multi-course candle-lit meals. Waking up at dawn. Making memories with people who mean something to me. Doing the Child pose, Bhujangasana, then Savasana. Feeling my hands clasp together, eyelids meet the waterline, and letting the word "namaste" slip out through my lips. A chunk of frozen raspberry in my raspberry smoothie. Weekend adventures. #weekendwarrior Getting a box of macarons. Biking with boyfriend. Getting told that people appreciate me for who I am. Movie nights. Boyfriend sleep-overs. Day dreaming. The thought of you.

14 February 2012

Love is in the air

B took me out and treated me to lunch, movies (The Vow), shopping and dinner (Cheesecake Factory) on Saturday when I was back home. And today I got this lovely card from him in the mail, (plus a hello kitty one from my thoughtful mother ).  Thanks Blake!  What do you and your lover have planned for this Valentine's Day?

29 January 2012

the best espresso I've had in OC

I just had the best espresso (latté) yesterday thanks to my bestie who took me there. I believe this place won best coffee of 2011. I have yet to figure out their complicated brewing equipment though...until next visit.

The best in OC I've had yet.

24 January 2012


I am losing. my fucking. mind.

Losing my sanity. and all peace.

media credits go to google.

17 January 2012

Zinc Café

mood: content
now playing: Beirut - Postcards From Italy
day at the beach, lunch at Zinc Café, Sprinkles cupcake, and just being with my lover.

more photos here

16 January 2012


We are forever now.