01 March 2012


Making people happy. Going to the city. Skirts. Long skirts, mini skirts, short skirts, maxi skirts, a-line skirts. & Dresses. Tea. Sunday beach-brunches. Sitting outside and reading on a sunny day. Receiving hand written letters in the mail. “what if’s” Receiving a roll of film back. Coffee houses. Going to the country. Back rubs. The smell and taste of strong lattes slightly sweetened with brown sugar. City rooftop parties. People watching. Burning gingerbread candles. Red lipstick. Pink tinted lipstick. Nude lipstick. Black honey lipstick. Bare footed and high heels. Wearing beautiful sunglasses. Multi-course candle-lit meals. Waking up at dawn. Making memories with people who mean something to me. Doing the Child pose, Bhujangasana, then Savasana. Feeling my hands clasp together, eyelids meet the waterline, and letting the word "namaste" slip out through my lips. A chunk of frozen raspberry in my raspberry smoothie. Weekend adventures. #weekendwarrior Getting a box of macarons. Biking with boyfriend. Getting told that people appreciate me for who I am. Movie nights. Boyfriend sleep-overs. Day dreaming. The thought of you.

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