29 June 2012

What Kind of Bird Are You?

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Today B and I went to see Moonrise Kingdom after lecture, and if you’re into stuff by Sofia Coppola or a fan of Wes Anderson (yes it’s written by him) you’ll be deeply in love within 5 seconds the film starts.

I love the setting (fictional) and the shooting location (Rhode Island). The props and costumes are simple yet cute. The characters have that Royal Tenenbaums feel (since it’s by Anderson), where they’re just dramatically annoyed and irritated all the time and keep things to a “few-elaborated” words when conversing. Then there’s always that dramatic love-seperation theme. If you’re more familiar with Sofia Coppola, then I can just tell you it’s the man version of her films with less haze, and more of a yellow-vintage filter to the film. It’s really really wonderful and worth your money, so I recommend the movie to you if you’re looking for something to watch.

My favorite character is Suzy, ahaha surprise surprise, because she reminds me of me at school and such. Plus her mentality is relatable, although i can promise you I have never stabbed anyone with a left hand scissor…

okay. at least not in real life.

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25 June 2012


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Today was the first day of summer session, B picked me up and drove us there at 8am and so the routine will follow for the next five weeks. We have a lovely little book as our required text and costed only $16.
I'm still trying to tidy up things at home from NYC and school, so much things.
I ended freshman year third quarter on a good note, or an improved note I should say. Thank you to my super genius boyfriend for helping me in math- if my tard brain didn't slip on that one problem and didn't lose 20pts automatically, I would've gotten an A+ on my math final... (*´ο`*) =3

I started a mental list of places-I-want-to-go-now, here it is (the short version):
-deelux (selling old clothes)
-joe's italian ice
-movie theaters (to watch Moonrise Kingdom and Brave)

yep. I made that in my head a few hours ago, and I am very sure it will expand. Oh The Vegan Stoner added a new post, seems interesting. I should try it out sometime. (plus this from a while back)