26 March 2011

10 weeks

now playing: recession song - yan wagner

I'm sorry I've been missing in action lately. College results have been released, and well, I guess you can just guess the rest...
I don't even know what I've been up to lately, but everything's been on the decline for me and I'm always busy, for whatever reason. The only people I'm around lately are my colorguard family, my mom, and maybe the troll group that trolls me (har..har). CG fam for the win ♥ ahhhh i haven't been with katrina lately as much :[
10 more weeks of high school. I am going to miss all this so so much.

links of interesting fancy finds and music playlist for you guys !
♫ Camera Obscura-Teenager
♫ Ellie Goulding-Heartbeats (cover)
♫ Daylight-Matt & Kim
♫ There's Never Enough Time-The Postal Service
♫ By my side-UrbanGermany
♫Go Radio-Forever My Father
♫ Stuck on the Puzzle-Alex Turner


16 March 2011

san diego 312-313

+1.5 hour drive in Nicholas's car with Jordan, Janice, &Amanda
+group of 20 at Souplantation. tabled with Jenny, Holly, and Clara's Mum. crush counseling, spying on cuties, sundaes and cookies, strawberry lemonade, inside jokes.
+happy hour back in H&J's suite (215)
+duckiewucky, watermelon game, animal game- bonding time. Sharing trance/hardstyle music with the husband♥  popcorn and candy for room provided by mrs. hanley (: 
+roomies with Catie, Clara, Melinda (225). room at the end of the hall in a separate room in the building, ohyeah playing BS, egyptian ratslap, slapjack, etc until 1130 and laughing nonstop while eating popcorn and making lame jokes. watching melinda learn how to shuffle cards..
+house of rock // donut show on foodnetwork

+waking up and going downstairs at 7am; ALMOST got in-trouble for un-taping our room T_T
+pancakes, eggs, bacon, tea, yogurt etc
+awesome pawesome competition. 3 place in our division, 8.8pts. then told that we might get promoted divisions (:
+FUDDRUCKERS SO GOOD. // married to husband and hosted the wedding banquet XD
+dinner at california shabu in huntington beach.

08 March 2011

senior formal

march 5 2011
I went stag, so don't ask if I had a date. Prepping at C's house, photos at the Village, dinner at Andrei's, and dance at K1 Speed! hehe ^^

♥ i