29 December 2010

c&b forever and ever

If you want to fly, you got to give up that shit that weighs you down.
-Toni Morrison

25 December 2010

Joyeux Noël ~

Merry Christmas to everyone!! (:
-from Utah & Nevada

I hope everyone is doing fine, and everyone is staying safe in this holiday season! I'll be back and update/loading in two days, till then...joyeuses fêtes !


22 December 2010

My heart is in pain but I'm smiling for you

drinking: earl grey tapioca milk tea
currently playing: Stereo Love | Edward Maya ft. Vika Jigulina

brb. going to Utah.

Friday frenzy-The crêpe party kicked off pretty well. I had my fail cooking moments teehee... And it was pretty fun playing psychologist acting like a bunch of loonies
Sleepy Saturday hmm.. I can't really recall what happened during the day. But I went to the DSC holiday party at night; cookie decorating, festive food, ornament paintings, raffles, and the norm socializing.
Stock-up Sunday- slept in late, lunch at P&O, and then went to stock up on skii apparel and equipment.
Monday mornings spent at Panera Bread with Chris. We managed to scare off everyone sitting behind us, and we hogged the big table and both the outlets the entire 6 hours while we were there. It's actually quite a calming way to kick off winter break. I don't really like to work (school work) at Panera Bread as much as I do at Starbucks. But I guess sitting there with my laptop and papers all spread out, conventionalizing with Chris, and gazing out the big glass window at the non-stop pouring rain is rather amusing; not to mention the huge mug of latte washing down the last of my pain au chocolat. It's a nice combination.
Teeming wet tuesday-yesterday; I finally went shopping for myself yesterday with my mum and sister. Chris was going to join but she couldn't. I picked up a Marc by Marc Jacobs watch, fuzzy oversized shrunk knit, and pencil skirt at Nordstroms. Pain au chocolat en baguette for today's trip at Vie De France. After walking around and looking, we mall hopped to the Spectrum. I bought a beautiful ring at H&M, box top from CottonOn, macarons (pistache de Sicile, raspberry mascarpone, thé earl grey) from la napolean for today's trip, and a pair of black ankle cigarette pants from UO because they were on sale.
Hmm, I tested the nail polish that Chloe and Chris gave me. The dark blue one (chloe) is beautiful and extremely elegant looking. And the pink glaze one (chris) is effortlessly chic. Thank you (:

Even though I'm the type to be free and much of an 'explorer'-never wanting to be in one place too long, I feel that a part of me hidden deep within me is this person that finds comfort in schedule and routine. Like how I always order the same thing at the same shops; and how I always resort to doing the same thing in the same orderly fashion. And how I always fancy sticking to a certain manner of procedure, or going to the same places over and over again. Maybe it's the nostalgia and the memories that were first captured. I don't know.

Anyways- break has kicked off pretty well, I've been watching segments Harry Potter on blue-ray every day. (i have yet to watch the newest one out.) I think I should hurry up and get going with my supplement essays. I'm about done with my CU app, so good luck to myself on that one. In an hour or so; I'll be in Vegas, and tomorrow in Brian Head. Hopefully it isn't cold to the extremes. Okay! Got to go finish the last bit of this essay and pack my bags!


16 December 2010

when someone says summer,

i instantly recall back to this past summer. the very excited feel of the first few weeks of chemistry class, and the new lab manual, and the feeling of being able to own your own pairs of googles...then it turns into this horrid stomach turning memory of dreading to go to class, not wanting to fail another test, or confront my personal life. it was a time when i just wanted to live in a bubble, study what i wanted to study, and have my happily ever after.

but instead it was polluted with the chemical-contaminated air with the afterscent of janitor cleaning supplies and the empty clunking of distant footsteps slowly shuffling down the hall of the 200s building. it was the slow closing of doors and sudden running sounds...quickly disappearing.

and then it was the need to disappear every morning after exiting my mom's car. it was the need to find my way into the library to hide, and protest the 8 hour classes. it was my way of rebelling lectures, society, and personal problems. it was dashing up the half turned carpeted-stairs; light footsteps grazing the carpet as i make a circle around the entire upstairs in rush to find a quiet study room where i can just throw my belongings onto the table and throw my entire body half on the table and plop myself into a chair and weep my insecurities away.

it was the rare visits of grace wuang in the summer trying to comfort me. it was the quiet notefolding, origami thankyou notes passed around as whispers of sincerity were exchanged.

it was the really difficult labs that were eased by Steve's jokes accompanied with victor's remarks and kayane's shaking of her head. it was the moments when the professors let us off the hook because we had established a connection with him. it was the other teams asking steve and i how to do experiments because we were always done first. it was the talks of woodbridge, marching band, and college. it was the times Kayane Victor and I shared after class while waiting at the bus stop benches. The times where we epically failed a test and tried to comfort each other.

It was when I didn't really care whether this D+ was better than my F- last time. It was when I just wanted happy. When I wanted to be care-free. It was when I wanted to release this weight and pretend nothing happened. It was when I hid my sadness deep within me and put on the fake smile for Victor, Steve, and Kayane.

When someone says 'summer', it's the nostalgic chemical smell of cleaning substances and the distant clunking of one's footsteps down the hall as I rush frantically to class, and the sound of fluttering loose leaf notes at the end of lectures when I'm the last person left in the classroom.

18 November 2010


listening to: the harold song - ke$ha (new default)(so freaking good)
drank: venti caramel apple spice (aka holiday lights in a cup) & tall pumpkin spice latte (aka thanksgiving in a cup)

(Cristina Olano)

over 1000+ reblogs on my tumblr.

I need to sit somewhere else in graphics so I don't need to keep rushing for deadlines.
Today after school Charlene, Michelle and I went to Starbucks for the buy 1 get 1 free on holiday drinks 2-5pm. The three of us consumed: 2 sandwichs, peppermint hot chocolate, pumpkin spice latte, caramel brulee latte, caramel apple spice x2, & a pumpkin cream cheese muffin; the baristas probably thought we were crazy. Instead of hiding inside the cafe, we sat outside trying to appreciate the California winter weather. We talked about potentially attending the same ?ivy? Uni, or at least in the same city/area in the east coast ♥ , living in the same apartment, and starting a business together. I thought that the conversation was extremely cute and lightening. Chris came after misu/char left and we had more drinks...
Anywho, I'm awfully behind on my essays, CIF game tomorrow, HP on sunday if i finish 3 essays, I miss New York, and I really love the heavy fog in the morning north Irvine's been having this past week. I wish those could stay forever.


currently: was at starbucks, now at home. was working on essays with catherine, but now solo.
drinking: most recently, a grande caramel apple spice, no whip.
now playing: Younha - At First Sight

Late to school again. Walked in right when the substitute called my name.// Went off to lunch with Ashley's friends today, it feels so weird and uncomfortable.// I was in MC1 today after school, I taught myself how to make pdf files. On a side note-the school scanner is a little bit weird when it came to scanning my instaxes. Chemistry lab today; quite random. the guys didn't really let me do anything so I just sat and watched them fail repeatedly...Essay session at Starbucks with Catherine was somewhat good for me since I did a lot of rewording, and extremely successful on her part due to the fact that I was her motivation so she finished all her essays (congrats).

I wish I could spend every night doing homework/studying at a coffeehouse by myself. I dislike acquaintances. I dislike knowing people. I want strangers. Strangers in a big city. Big city people, rushing, entropy, unknown connections, loudness, chaos, destinations, confusion, diversity, beauty.

09 November 2010

home is where ever with you

now playing: frank sinatra
currently: editing, writing, reading, browsing
drinking: black tea in hipster pyramid bags.(jk about the hipster part)

I'm living the bohemian life. Did not go to school today.
The only thing I miss in life is Manhattan. The end.

Thurs-Football game

03 November 2010

coffee and vanilla ice cream on a hot winter day.

*all photo credits belong to tumblr and their owners
i miss this so much so much every day. hahah ohhmygosh i am so absurd. i still have my NYC photos to upload, but I can't immediately because my dad has the laptop with the pictures in them.

anywho; today was pretty good and fun. after school gordon and i walked to pavillions while char&kat breezed along on their bikes. thank god for make-shift parasols and headwraps. starbucks was closed! so our alt. plan was getting starbucks icecream (2/$6!) vanilla + coffee split among five people. we giggled over random things like credit card scam, stuck-up elementary schools who cuss at and talk back to their parents, teasing Joon && others i forgot already! D:
then we decide to go, so we split our ways but I was doing a shoot with katrina, so I took the most epically long hot-weathered walk all the way from Pavillions to Meadowood Park to meet with Katrina and Char. We sat there for what- 10 min? Then I didn't want to walk anymore so I went by the church next to CV, and wall hopped (with the help of charlene) over into Katrina's backyard.
the shoot was Venetian Mask themed, but head shots only. i think it was pretty good. but somewhat rushed because i had to get home by 4. anyhooo pictures will be online as soon as katrina's done editing.

ps, sorry for not updating as much. i'm really busy with college apps and essays. and marching season is ending soon, so is 2010. I've been doing/planning for shoots, managing club affairs (club events are esp. hyped), art prjts, and TRYING NOT TO FAIL SCHOOL!!! but! i promise i'll keep you guys updated once every few days

31 October 2010

lolli, macca's, and panera

i had the best past three days (including today) this school year so far!
thursday- we practiced and rehearsed outside in the back parking lot with the winds in the high 60's and that faint smell of nostalgia that remind me of colorguard nights. the effect is beautiful: marimba echoing, the sharp pierce of the xylo, and the vibrating pulse of the vibe through your soul, with the addition of the coyotes howling/barking in the back...
friday- walk to macca's with Jordan + Iman and we had various discussions about middle eastern culture, and of course Macca's menu (we had to). back at school i curled all of the girl's hair in pit. at first it was good, but then i ran out of time and so the last few girl's hair was crap (sorry). the boys....okay someone needs to learn how to jell hair. (not me. and this is not even being sarcastic). at around 630ish the sky was so beautiful. a mix of clementine orange and deep blue, striped too. the score for the varsity game was close. but we didn't win. after game percussion and some pit kids went to hang out at lollicup till 12 in the morning. it was chill, i haven't had boba in such a long time.
saturday- common app session with Chris at Panera. from 11-4pm. i love some things about them: free refills on hotwater (for my tea), their chocolate pastry was so soft, and they heat up your baguette before serving it toyou. some things that are not so pleasing: their sandwich menu isn't quite my taste, the prices are too high (but good thing food is still NY mode for me, so it didn't make me flinch as much), internet connection is insecure.

for halloween- i don't know what i'm going to be, or do. i can choose from Disneyland, trick-or-treating, or studying for a chem test.

27 October 2010


lots and lots of chemistry. government. one flew over the cuckoo's nest
now playing: Cocorosie - Lemonade
can't believe i'm still here. and i still have a pile of homework waiting for me.
i come home. organize pictures of nyc (coming soon!) and fall dead on my bed. i wake up at 530 nauseous, watch THIS video and then on tumblr and youtube unconsciously. at about 8 i awaken from this dream-state and print out 52 pages of chemistry to read, and complete (now). if you really want an imagelaying on the floor with dark grey Columbia Uni sweater and christmas pj shorts, hood over head, wishing i was still in Manhattan...one week ago i was on my way to the airport. going to NYC.
(via tumblr) i miss that. i hate how i become so lazy when I’m in cali. Lazy and slow like the people here. It’s cali's culture, but it’s doused and drowned me. But it’s funny how something i really like, can make me work so hard. it’s like a fiery iron that burns me and makes me chase after it. Otherwise, I would just sit here....why am I losing that? MANHATTAN I MISS YOU SO MUCH ]':

ps. i noticed that if you click the picture for a larger image, there's so many things you can find captured in the frame that basically tells you everything about me #LOL okay have fun looking.

23 October 2010

a saturday

columbia university faculty house second floor

Columbia feels like my home already. Too bad it's not. And probably will never be.... ah dreams dreams dreams. Shattered by laziness.

my deepest apologies for the awful quality. it's from the laptop webcam

In the concrete jungle where dreams are made of

day 0-1
930 pm flight LAX→ arrive JFK 535 am
take the blue shuttle van to 35th street & 7th ave. check into Wingate by Wyndham. hot breakfast in the lobby.
pass Parson's New School, go into a random Mickey D's to book tickets for citytour hopon/hopoff tours.
pick up bus ticket, museum tickets, and ferry tickets at Madam Tussad's.
downtown tour (travel through midtown, pass Greenwich, all the way to near Ground Zero / stop at Battery Park.)
started to rain.
visit Wall St., Trinity Church, (random borders to buy a cd), walk around some more... (-$15 for a zip hoodie my dad needed cause it was raining and he needed a hood.)
hop back on the double decker. travel pass downtown again back to midtown (china town, little italy, up up up back to midtown.)
hop off at Rockefeller center. lunch downstairs in 'Wich Craft. Pastrami Panini with Mozzarella Cheese
spot that cranberry thing. you know..that thing you always see on TV? (pictures later)
walk around on 5th ave. giant 3 story h&m (-$15 for a sweater), walk into Official NBA store, browsed Zara, saw Hermes, Prada, Juicy Couture, A|X, Bare Minerals, MAC, Louis Vuitton, Takashimaya (closed ]: ) && way more. everything is so amazing, and unique that I ended up not buying anything.
*note: they sell different things on the east coast that's more 'european' because european visit the east coast more. whereas westcoast is more 'asian' style because its closer to asia. also the weather plays an important factor because in H&M they sold all wool, sweaters, coats, furry hats, thermals. and the coats were all 20%-50% off. (amazing) hahaha.
then MoMA gift shop = cute ceramics
run past Saks, Bergdorfs, FAO, Apple Store (promises to go back to Bergdorfs and Dylan's Candy Shop). Stop in Central Park to get waffles and dinges from the Waffel Truck (: <3 YUM ♥(v v sorry for webcam quality)

hop back onto the doubledecker back to midtown.
Carnegie Hall & Julliard
midtown transfer bus onto the uptown doubledecker. pass by Harlem (apollo theater), Columbia University, Barnard, Central Park, Lincoln Center, Madison Square, Upper East Side ♥ (many millionaire's houses//yoko ono's home), the MET.
get off the double decker back near Times Square.
wander wander wander... (it's very cold)
42nd & 7th ave. night tour... midtown lights ♥, downtown lights, brooklyn bridge, brooklyn tour (jay-z and beyonce stuff), new york skyline from brooklyn ♥ (soo pretty), end back in midtown.
walk back to hotel.
walk to IL PUNTO Ristorante. (-$19 for spaghetti al peperoncino e pesto di carciofi
) olive oil flavour too strong. unsatisfied. manager apologizes and gives us almond bisconettes
walk back to hotel
(it sounds so rushed. but it really wasn't. and this thing is an 'at your own pace' soo...yep)
day 2
hot breakfast downstairs. (tea tea tea, bacon, waffles, eggs, bagels, juice...etc) view from 17th floor in room (web cam quality sorry)

"taxi taxi !! take us to Amsterdam and 116th pleasee !" (-$20)
Columbia University Faculty House. (first floor room 2)
sit outside in the lobby doing college apps, tumblr, facebook, txting....
lunch at Pinnacle. NY style pepperoni pizza  & clam chowder (-$5) YUM ♥ // Columbia Bookstore.
back in Faculty House. Richard Leong visits for 2 hours (430-630) Educates me about the uni, talks about new yorkers, and jokes about random stuff...(jersey hatin. -silent yes- HAHAHA inside joke)
dinner at Ollie's chinese restaurant. beef with snowpeas (-$9) physical fight breaks out among two employees. whole restaurant stares and boss scolds them in chinese. mexican waiter cleans up broken glass.
goes back to faculty house and sit there for 2 more hours.
"taxi taxi take me to 35th and 7th ave"
drops things off at hotel but takes Madeline-Amelie with me.
strolls around time square. picture here, picture there...random newyorkers runinto my picture, and instantly my attractiveness drops by 70% T_T they make me look like a freaking ugly snowman. (okay rant over). many tourist stores, picture on F21's giant screen with everyone else in timesquare. walk to see the giant tkts stand, all the way to Gershwin Theater to check out Wicked showings, and the Hersey's store.
back to hotel. die again.
day 3
wake up so late, i didn't even hear my alarm go off. (woke up 4 hours later than set alarm time)
get leftovers at breakfast (most of the stuff was already gonee)
"hello can you take us to Amsterdam and 116th?"
upstairs today. great view of city...big table filled with hot water, tea bags, cinnamon apple tea, water, & coffee (v v sorry for webcam quality)

makes milk tea for self from Revolution (c) English Breakfast tea, + brown sugar + milk. yes!
walks out to Pinnacle for pepperoni pizza again. and a 1.5 L Smart H2O
2 hours at Columbia book store. (-$40 for sweater) no more sweats ]':
back on the second floor. internet stops connecting for 4 min...gets pissed off...stomachache comes along with that due to the cheese from the pizza...goes into fml mode, retarts computer...happy camper again (:
waiting for Richard to come by for a campus tour... nope. instead i went on this night cruise tour of manhattan on brooklyn at night.
after millions of photos, free bus shuttle courtesy of New York Waterways.
late night snackin at mickey d's. spotted: halloween bucket for kids meal SOO CUTE.
walking around around...bout to go home when we decided we were going into Macy's to check it out. wooden escalators (yes, so legit) and elevator riding. We rode the elevator and stopped on everyfloor to stick our heads out to see what was on each floor (8 floors) and then rode the wooden escalator back down. they have SO MUCH CLOTHES and restaurants!
dies in the hotel.
day 4
breakfast as usual downstairs. they had patties (boo. bacon is better)
subway to SoHo.
MUJI STORE SPOTTED. RUSH IN. NOW NOW NOW! spend an hour (-$15appx) ♥ ♥
jewlery store across called 'So Good'
walk to find Marc Jacobs, i find the headquarters instead. (LOL) and on the way there, i found Alexander Wang's office too (LOL again)..
TOPSHOP BABY(; three levels of pure joy. too bad i'm also pure broke and pure 'no-space-in-luggage' (-$30 for circle scarf after student discount) (AHEM. I VIL BE BAYCK)
walk around to look for cafe for lunch. stop by a really cute french cafe&adjacent bakery called Balthazar; too bad they're booked for the entire day...so iphone power directs us to Boom on (152 Spring St.) West Broadway. very indie/gypsy cafe (well most cafes in Soho are indie/gypsy). such good spaghettio ♥ and good french bread. the rosemary in the olive oil is slightly weird though.
run back to the subway to ride to 5th ave.
hello big underground Apple store, hello bergdorf goodman (from exterior), hello FAO & huge teddy bears.
then walk all the way to Dylan's Candy shop. TAO bar is spotted. (-$10 for 4 bars of chocolate) (cookies n creme, milk, dark, toffee bits)
finds a metro station. meets the sketchy hobo who sold a metro ticket. (joon bum says hobos can be CIA agents at times)
repack all bags. good bye Wyndam ! good bye Times Square! D':
find metro station.
$2.50 metro pass to ride all the way to Sutphin Boulevard – Archer Avenue – JFK Airport (30-45 min approx)(saves $55) and transfer to airtrain.
no more city view. no more goodness.
overpriced dinner at BonFire (in terminal 2)(-$9 caesar salad & -$18 for 3 tortillas with salsa and steak wrap)
9:00 flight is 30 min delayed.
boarding / random seating arrangements.
super funny flight attendant. (reminded me of mitchell davis)(jokes are hilarious)
delta is good. (you can pick CD's to listen to, ex) vampire weekend, justin bieber, taylor swift, imogen heap, john mayer, jack johnson..etc) (you can pick from either peanuts, pretzels, or cookies to eat why? other domestic flights don't even have anything to eat)(drink cups are twice the size of other airlines. more convenient)
turbulence. BIG BIG but fun turbulence.

(pictures to come later)

sigh. back to LA. too warm. too slow. too lazy. too abandoned.
manhattan i miss you already with your cold winds, busy streets, and the city that never sleeps

02 September 2010

first day of senior year today.

odd classes only

> computer graphics
* excited i get to use indesign, photoshop cs3, illustrator
* not excited because it’s all freshman and the people seemed artistically-challenged.

> ap computer science
* program coding is okay at the moment.
* i guess my english sucks, because i have trouble understanding what the problem wants me to code…LOL
* all guys, 7 girls…er and most people in the class hates me ._.
* i need afterschool sessions.

> philharmonic orchestra
* too many violas ]:
* wind symphony is going on tour- not us. ]:
* everyone is so cocky in orchestra, and too cool to be friends -_-