18 November 2010


listening to: the harold song - ke$ha (new default)(so freaking good)
drank: venti caramel apple spice (aka holiday lights in a cup) & tall pumpkin spice latte (aka thanksgiving in a cup)

(Cristina Olano)

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I need to sit somewhere else in graphics so I don't need to keep rushing for deadlines.
Today after school Charlene, Michelle and I went to Starbucks for the buy 1 get 1 free on holiday drinks 2-5pm. The three of us consumed: 2 sandwichs, peppermint hot chocolate, pumpkin spice latte, caramel brulee latte, caramel apple spice x2, & a pumpkin cream cheese muffin; the baristas probably thought we were crazy. Instead of hiding inside the cafe, we sat outside trying to appreciate the California winter weather. We talked about potentially attending the same ?ivy? Uni, or at least in the same city/area in the east coast ♥ , living in the same apartment, and starting a business together. I thought that the conversation was extremely cute and lightening. Chris came after misu/char left and we had more drinks...
Anywho, I'm awfully behind on my essays, CIF game tomorrow, HP on sunday if i finish 3 essays, I miss New York, and I really love the heavy fog in the morning north Irvine's been having this past week. I wish those could stay forever.

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