18 November 2010


currently: was at starbucks, now at home. was working on essays with catherine, but now solo.
drinking: most recently, a grande caramel apple spice, no whip.
now playing: Younha - At First Sight

Late to school again. Walked in right when the substitute called my name.// Went off to lunch with Ashley's friends today, it feels so weird and uncomfortable.// I was in MC1 today after school, I taught myself how to make pdf files. On a side note-the school scanner is a little bit weird when it came to scanning my instaxes. Chemistry lab today; quite random. the guys didn't really let me do anything so I just sat and watched them fail repeatedly...Essay session at Starbucks with Catherine was somewhat good for me since I did a lot of rewording, and extremely successful on her part due to the fact that I was her motivation so she finished all her essays (congrats).

I wish I could spend every night doing homework/studying at a coffeehouse by myself. I dislike acquaintances. I dislike knowing people. I want strangers. Strangers in a big city. Big city people, rushing, entropy, unknown connections, loudness, chaos, destinations, confusion, diversity, beauty.

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