12 December 2014

"Fat" Girls Don't Belong In Paris

So the first night I got to Paris 3 years ago, my aunt and I went to a Japanese restaurant somewhere near Colette, and we ordered what would be equivalent to a 'set' meal in the US, but we "made the set" ourselves if that made sense. So we ordered a salad to share. A rice each. And a piece of baked salmon for each. And when our food came to the table, the entire restaurant was looking at us, pointing, and giggling.
Not because we were Asian, they weren't racist, but because we were eating like pigs.

Everyone in the restaurant was sharing something. All the girls would have a bowl of soup and then the three of them would share a sashimi box. Let me repeat that- a sashimi box. Yes like 8 pieces of fish for 3 people to share. For dinner. And soup for some, and then maybe an entire bottle of wine, and a teeny tiny dessert (i.e. bite size mochi with a dalop of red bean on top).

So I guess, when in Paris, enjoy the food, but don't stuff yourselves.

P.S. I did not end up finishing it because it was actually too much. (ha ha) But I did not intentionally "unfinish" my meal...I guess I'm made to live in Paris ;] (jk i wish).
PPS. I didn't even take much offense to their pointing and giggling because I was the skinniest person in the room anyways so whatever ha ha to your muffin tops. But yeah incredible.
PPPS. I don't actually think "fat" girls don't belong in Paris. I just think they'd probably be mocked at all day considering they mocked a skinny girl for ordering over-sized.

Squad Goals

You don't know the true meaning of "squad goals" until you've been to Capri, Italy and see a group of amazing looking people (couples) dressed in black from head to toe. I'm talking 6" black stilettos, black slim-fit tuxedos, tight edgy midi-skirt-length dresses, (completely blacked out) sunglasses and matte bloody-red lipstick.
All of them walking towards the Grand Hotel Quisisana wearing this smug yet stern facial expression. And you're not sure if they're going to a funeral, or if they're part of a mafia, maybe a gang?....until you suddenly see the bride and groom emerge from the inside of the hotel.

And that my friends, is my new squad goal.
Because. Damn son, that's fierce as f*ck.

//i miss capri

11 December 2014


Your lies were hard...kisses in the summer I was dreaming of a lake,
Dreaming of the water where I'd rise like a phoenix or an iron from the fire
I've got things to tell you like,
I know that you're a liar....

06 December 2014

Warm Hollow Thing

Looked at some of my high school's peep's Facebook page to update myself about their lives. (Useless me wasting time, I know.) And I see how happy they are married now, or out of state, or chasing their dreams, or pregnant, or single handedly trying to raise a child. Sucks to be some of them, and envious of others.

It just makes me feel nostalgic and brings me back to 10th grade when I remember we were all in the same class making the same stupid jokes with Mr. Mamer etc. How C and my biggest worries was how to do homework, why do we have so much homework, are we going to make it? While the others' worried about when class was going to end so they could go hang out, or if they were all going to the game this friday.

I don't know. It's all dumb. Plus half of them don't even recognize me anymore.
But it makes me so sad and sensitive when I think back to those days.


03 December 2014

Big Eyes

listening to: Big Eyes | Lana Del Rey

Having immature, lazy, and materialistic thoughts. per usual...hey what else is new?
`Want these boots.
`Want to be in LA right now.
`Feeing broken
`Desperately wanting to see Lana at the Bowl (is that perfect or what), but it's a Monday show.
`Wondering if you still care, but why should I care
`Need direction, but don't want to take any advice, lacking focus

Someone take me on a cute coffee date please, and buy me some distressed boyfriend denim bottoms.

I'm not a teenager anymore.
Why do I act like one.


listening to: i can fly | lana del rey
mood: somewhere between caffeinated, lost, and tired

Trying to avoid reality, so I'm here.

I am continuously struggling with self identification.
Part of me wants to get my stuff ready for school, be ferocious and classy (whatever that means), and make it to NYC.
The other half of me wants to keep it real and live it LA style. I mean, after all, that's where I'm from right? Truly east-side reppin'. I want to keep things raw, edgy, real, and black like all our tainted souls from this broken city of angels.

But it's no surprise that I'm torn in half like this, after all it's reflective in the things I (am/want to) study. Forever a whirlwind of chaos.

01 December 2014

mood: chilly
listening to: oh sailor | mr little jeans

It's the first day of December, which means we're in the last month of this year/2014!
I'm very happy today because I'm wearing my new Brandy shirt that I got, I know you can't tell because it's just a normal black shirt, but the sleeves fit nicely so I'm happy about it. :)

I want to be in NYC right now. I miss it so much....

December 1st
I'm in a foreign state, I'm running late
I'm all alone, wishing I was home with you baby
-The Maine

p.s. the title is not working on blogger and it's not letting me post a title!!!!

Do You Speak Prada?

I can relate to Rebecca Bloomwood so much.
Confessions of a Shopaholic speaks to me, because when I shop the world gets better.
Also because i'm kind of empty in the brain but whatever.