12 December 2014

Squad Goals

You don't know the true meaning of "squad goals" until you've been to Capri, Italy and see a group of amazing looking people (couples) dressed in black from head to toe. I'm talking 6" black stilettos, black slim-fit tuxedos, tight edgy midi-skirt-length dresses, (completely blacked out) sunglasses and matte bloody-red lipstick.
All of them walking towards the Grand Hotel Quisisana wearing this smug yet stern facial expression. And you're not sure if they're going to a funeral, or if they're part of a mafia, maybe a gang?....until you suddenly see the bride and groom emerge from the inside of the hotel.

And that my friends, is my new squad goal.
Because. Damn son, that's fierce as f*ck.

//i miss capri

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