30 August 2011

split screen

I thought this was really cute.


25 August 2011


Sorry with the slow posts. I was in the east coast for two weeks and when I got back I was busy with tidying up the house. Blake took me on the orange balloon the other day, & I also got a macbook pro!

+It's been sad having to say goodbye to all my private-school-bound friends. But we'll manage! Winnie and I went to see Crazy, Stupid, Love before she left...ooh Ryan Gosling is so cute!!
+Today’s been a tough day with cramps, plus this cold that's been going on for a week. I canceled on everyone, but did a few Skype chats and got my September issue. Hopefully I feel better tomorrow because we’re going kayaking!! ♥

I thought this was pretty cool


12 August 2011

Blake took me out today, to little corona del mar. I am very happy.


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