29 January 2015

The past few days have been good.
People are kind to me in class and asked me how long I've been dancing because I (I'm assuming my form) (quoting them) "look really pretty". I am extremely flattered because there are other dancers in class that's been in studios never-ending since forever and such.
I also got research yesterday. I feel so blessed to have this opportunity.

All I need to work on is stop being lazy even though I could list reasons on end about why I deserve this "laziness" sometimes.

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22 January 2015

Quiet Thursday

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Casually crying while reading this article in the library.
It's such a pity. But I guess you can't have it all.

It's such a tragedy to know that there are some perfectionists that are so perfect that they can't handle any flaws. It's also so sad to have to remember that I grew up with a bunch of people like this in my home town/high school. But I guess that's why they're so...successful in a way.

Remember we're all humans, and we are all flawed, in some way.
Don't forget to love and forgive yourself.


13 January 2015

Promoted to...Pointe

After dancing demi-pointe for 13 years (on and off), I've finally got the o-k for pointe!
I never thought I would get to go en pointe but I mustered up and asked and I got the O-K. Funny how 5 days ago I blogged about going en pointe...foreshadow much?
Can't wait to get fitted this weekend :) This is such a BIG thing for me. The first people I saw, after Miss Kelli said yes, were Praiser and Chris and they didn't really get my excitement. They probably thought I was crazy ahahah. I forgot to tuck my shirt in too because I was too excited dreaming about my shoes and breaking the news! I do worry about my strength though...but I guess I can build that. I mean I am confident, but I have no idea what to expect!!

I feel blessed!
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12 January 2015

What If? In Your Eyes...

The thing I love about Zoe Kazan is that she's so "ordinary" that I feel like anyone can relate to/with her in all the movies she plays. It's that girl next door, cute but not beautiful...mediocre...flawed at parts...and just imperfect.
I love it.

I watched the movie What If, this summer, and In Your Eyes, just recently. And both movies made me feel like someone understands.
What If though, that one really. It just. Touched the corners of my heart. ANNNND Chantry's quirky sense of style. Though I hope that isn't what [mainly] swayed me haha! Chantry's style was cute.

Just wanted to share...

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08 January 2015

True Beauty Is Timeless

One of my guilty pleasures, things I fawn over, or spend multiple minutes watching/looking at are ballet videos (or pictures). I specifically like the ones that are company focused and 'behind-the-scenes'. And I love looking at the ones about "a day in the life of" or the ones about pointe shoes because I dream dream dream of being able to dance pointe someday (knowing it'll probably never happen). But I can dream, so I do.

it upsets me when people complain about how instructors are being abusive bc they're shoving pushing yelling at and forcing positions on dancers. i don't get how anyone could have good composure, control, and discipline if you don't 'disciplined' training?

this one below, is my favorite.
as Maria Kochetkova is my favorite ballerina. I find her very inspirational

(also this amazing video of Maria at 19 years old dancing Esmeralda if I haven't posted multiple times already)

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05 January 2015

I didn't abandon ALL ship

The other day my dad asked me if I still wanted to go to design school.
He's finally turned around. But so did I.

I said no. Not anymore.

Happy New Year