08 January 2015

True Beauty Is Timeless

One of my guilty pleasures, things I fawn over, or spend multiple minutes watching/looking at are ballet videos (or pictures). I specifically like the ones that are company focused and 'behind-the-scenes'. And I love looking at the ones about "a day in the life of" or the ones about pointe shoes because I dream dream dream of being able to dance pointe someday (knowing it'll probably never happen). But I can dream, so I do.

it upsets me when people complain about how instructors are being abusive bc they're shoving pushing yelling at and forcing positions on dancers. i don't get how anyone could have good composure, control, and discipline if you don't 'disciplined' training?

this one below, is my favorite.
as Maria Kochetkova is my favorite ballerina. I find her very inspirational

(also this amazing video of Maria at 19 years old dancing Esmeralda if I haven't posted multiple times already)

xo i

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