22 December 2011


mood: calm and content
now playing: Florence + The Machine - Never Let Me Go

Happy winter break everyone! I hope you're all doing fine, healthy, and happy. Today was quite a good day since I haven't really gone anywhere this winter break but AMC on Tuesday to watch Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows. Today I went shopping and J. Crew made my winter dreams come true because there was a huge sale so I came home with a red Honeycomb Cable Sweater, and the Elsie skirt in nightfall. Excitingly enough, I also made my first Chanel purchase today- Le Rouge Brillant Fondant Hydratant in #62 Monte-Carlo. And I ended the evening with dinner at Cham Sut Gol with le beau.

Now it's back to studying calculus and biology, taking a break and watching oldie cartoons. Three more days until Christmas!
Goodbye fall. Happy winter! It's the winter solstice today.

15 November 2011


I have a confession to make. I want to spend a year or a quarter back at home or at another school, or not going to school. I just feel so bored when I have to stay in one place for so long. I wish it was prettier and more interesting. I don’t know.

article on instructor's margin notes on english assignments.
article on food reviews.

13 November 2011


now playing: be be your love - rachel yamagata
reading: Eat Pray Love
I am addicted to shopping at J. Crew & Madewell. It must be their prep-style.

Things I Love (so far)
⇢Starbucks holiday cups & drinks
⇢holidays at Disneyland
⇢The Vegan Stoner
⇢the perfect sweater
⇢j. crew
⇢New Girl
⇢Pink Sugarplum foam soap from Bath & Body Works
⇢Merry Mistletoe candle from Bath & Body Works
⇢fuzzy socks from H&M or Target (or anywhere really)

article on blogs


11 11 11

Spent the day at Disneyland with B, & reunited with marching band. ♥
I wish we went tomorrow or after tomorrow because they would have Disney Holidays, but it is okay. Most of the rides had Christmas themed decorations already, hence Haunted Mansion and Small World.


30 October 2011

halloween weekend

now playing: Christmas songs
watching: Something Borrowed
mood: jealous of the east coast and their snow

I'm really wanting some of the winter collection things from UNIQLO.
Today my boyfriend took me to the Irvine Regional Park & we went to the pumpkin patch then longboarded/skateboarded after. I love my boyfriend. ☺

Me & my weekly/Halloween issue of The New Yorker.

So what is everyone up to for halloween? Anyone dressing up? Parties? Events?

25 October 2011

Yoga is so powerful.

People who are depressed tend to live in the past too much, and people who are anxious live in the future. In yoga, we want to be here, present and in the moment. We never want to look down or up, just ahead.

I've been late to every class today. Oh well. The day wasn't horrible. I just thought it was weird.
I had pain au chocolat for breakfast today. Then at 5pm, after my advising class, I went to yoga class. Oh my! three days of not doing yoga certainly caught up with me. Everything was just painful and I had lost my endurance. I also feel like I'm not ever going to be able to do the arm balance poses (crane pose, scale pose, or the side crane pose) or the bridge.
Anyways. I had too much to eat tonight, and despite the fact that it was meatless Monday, the BBQ beef brisket was so delicious! I guess my punishment was a massive stomachache. Thus accounted for my 30 min walk in the fog at night.
It's getting late now. I should go sleep.

rawr rawr rawr. I miss Blake.
Goodnight everyone! ♥
// my weekend haul from j.crew was this in ivorythis in heather earth//

22 October 2011


now playing: iron and wine | upward over the mountain
currently: about to go to sleep
I'm back home for the weekend as usual to be with my boyfriend. He brings me comfort, security, and tranquility.
Today/yesterday (october 21) marks the one year anniversary of going to NYC for the first time. The city that enchanted me. The city that I fell in love with. My first love. I will be there for you one day, and I will stay.
Everyday either in the middle of the day or after my classes, I go to the university student recreational center to take yoga. It's been amazing and healing. So far my spine has gotten much straighter, and I've been detoxing. It's almost impossible to say that I'm not addicted. I hope that one day when I have the time to, I will go and visit the Glen Ivy Spa in Corona to practice meditation and further detox.
this is my new lifestyle
My sandals broke, so I think I'll go shopping tomorrow after lunch with Blake. OH- I need yoga blocks and straps.

09 October 2011

Knotts Scary Farm 2011

Yesterday class was canceled so I went/got home at 3 !

At around 530ish Blake and I went to Curry House and had our chicken katsu curry :3 And then we headed off to Knott’s Scary Farm. We did all 13 mazes, walked through all scare zones, saw the comedy/show “Haunt Wonders of Technology” (« be advised. really inappropriate and boring) , rode Pony Express, Calico Mine Express, and Sleepy Hollow Mountains Timber Log Ride, and shared a strawberry funnel cake ! :]

Pretty bomb night. I knocked out on the ride back home hahhaha But now back to reality and rushing to complete my endless flow of homework. I hope everyone is doing well, and has start studying for midterms! Eat and stay healthy!


04 October 2011

It's starting to feel like fall.

listening to: the clicking of laptop keyboards.
mood: down
I've suddenly become so unmotivated.
I blame it on my lack of sleep. I have so much homework to do. Over 200+ pages to read for the online class. Then the worksheets that go along with those pages. Also the english paper due next Thursday. Then I have a math quiz to study for, but thank God I finished all but one of the sections for math homework online. I've lost my second place in chemistry lecture, but I'm fifth out of three hundred some, still good, but bad for dropping. I have a prelab to do, and a quiz to study for, then I have three chemistry chapters to read, and my printer doesn't work with out a cable.

Plus I left my earphones back at home. And it was so cold today. Riverside started raining this week. Or most of Southern California did...
This wasn't a rant. This was just to let myself know what else I have to do.

I hope I get a new iPhone soon. My iPhone is broken, pixels vibration and (sometimes) sound not working. The new iPhone is cool.

There used to be 25 people in the yoga class, but today there was only 8. I guess it's too cold and early to be waking up at 630 in the morning and taking that hike to the rec center. There's yoga and cardio kickboxing tomorrow, so I look forward to that.

I hope everyone is doing well.

ps. i covered up my McQueen October calendar image because it is too frightening to look at X_X

19 September 2011


Sunday ➝ move in day.
+600 wake up
+730 arrive
+800 check in
+1000 situated.
lunch at the University Center.
dinner at A-I dining hall (potatoes and string beans).

Donovan and I made a super market discovery. WinCO, a Costco-wannabe but cheaper than Walmart supermarket. It's pretty radical inside. Now we know where we're getting groceries.

Today I locked myself out of my hall because I accidentally closed the door while going to empty my trashcan. So I waited 30 minutes in the main lounge until quiet hours were over and then Michaela saved my ass. I hiked over to A-I by myself today and had breakfast solo. Scrambled eggs, tater-tots, sausage, tea, OJ, and chocolate chip pancakes. Except I wasn't really happy about the chocolate chips being in my pancakes... Did you know the oranges in our freshly squeezed OJ are grown on campus? I thought that was pretty cute. The machine that squeezes the oranges is pretty cool too.


summer's end

Mood: bittersweet
Currently playing: Eyes - Kaskade
Friday Blake and I went to Bill Barber park to longboard. Well I long boarded and he skateboarded.
Saturday we watched Drive with *~Ryan Gosling~* in it. hehe. The movie was pretty gory, and I didn't really like the graphic arts, but Ryan Gosling was in it, so that made up for it. (lol) We biked around Northwood and Portola until 6, where we then headed off to garden grove for Cham Sut Gol. Their AYCE kbbq was pretty good for the price $17. They had 5 types of meat, side dishes, rice, salad, and a personal soup. Blake and I both got bean paste soup. Really good, and it's not too spicy. They also had ice cream for dessert, with that- a huge line for ice cream.

Parting that night was pretty painful though :[
I had a really good summer overall though. It started good, and ended well. Beach house, OC fair, shopping, beach, east coast, and the small adventures here and there with Blake ♥

Until next summer,

15 September 2011

a thursday date

mood: sad
currently playing: Johnny and June (I heard it on the Today Show this morning)
Blake took me out today. We went to Panera for lunch, strolled through parks, made a trip to Thrifty's (he bought me ice cream :]), and went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner.

(Blake and his "Macaroni and Cheese Burger")

(Our "Kahlua Coffee Cheesecake")

What's your favourite cheesecake flavor?


14 September 2011


⟩ Yesterday Blake and I went to BWW for 55¢ wings and then his house to watch Paranormal Activity after. I finished the evening with 40 minutes of yoga to relax my body and soul.

⟩ Today my mom and I went to Costco to get this soft Sherpa Throw for college.

From around noon to the late afternoon, Ashley Alice and I had a spa day in Fullerton.

(Alice got her nails done by Ashley, we had  떡볶이라면사리)
And guess what I came home to?

Thank you OhLucky.me for the iTunes gift card!

Have you guys gone to a Korean spa before? Which ones do you like?


13 September 2011

Bliss at The Montage

mood: calm
currently: eating jello & watching Adventure Time
       Today Blake and I went to the beach below The Montage Resort. Since it's back to school week, there was absolutely no one on the beach except for a few middle-aged surfers and a few couples. We had literally half the beach to ourselves by the late afternoon. After hiding out underneath the sunbrella and relaxing, we drove to DJ and Blake had a boba milk tea for the first time at 85ºC. He commented on how random it is to put boba in milk tea, but I think he enjoyed it overall. Before he left, he bought a pineapple bun (菠蘿包 bo-lo-bao) HOPEFULLY he enjoys it.
       A few other good things happened today- I passed alcoholEdu with a 90%, and I glitter tipped my nails with pink, silver, and red glitter!

Getting an email/syllabus from my chemistry professor asking us to get textbooks & clickers makes everything seems so scary. It makes me realize that summer is ending, and that I have 5 days before move-in day and before college starts...


10 September 2011

08 September 2011


Yesterday Blake invited me over, and we went to the super market to buy garlic&onions, then rented a Redbox. We went back to his place after and made spaghetti for lunch and we watched Unknown after that. Good day yesterday.

05 September 2011

things we're going to do in september

Just the small things Blake and I are going to conquer before the month ends...
+Thrifty's irregular cylinder shaped scoops
+Curry House
+woodbury pool
+movie day
Oh, and the cutest movie ever coming out October. Like Crazy

I can't think of any more at the moment. But there's not a lot of September left anyways.

I've been bed ridden sick with a horrible stomach virus for the past four days and I haven't been able to ingest anything but water. I'm much better today, I can get up and go online ^-^ It's so not fair though, my family and boyfriend have been eating everything delicious and I just keep on hearing about it T_T

I just realised that I am officially a credit card and two debit card holder (: So it's very tempting to buy things when I'm browsing online on UNIQLO, MUJI, TOPSHOP....bleh. It also reminds me how much I miss New York. Rumour has it (or I've heard from Janice) that NYC is going to have a Laudree soon? Those lucky New Yorkians..

Every day is one day closer to move-in day. Mine is the 18th at 8am (eek so early). I haven't gotten everything I needed yet. hmm need to make a check list..
+twin xlong sheets / pillow case / blankets / mattress pad
+extra pillow
+alarm clock
+hair brush / hair dryer / shampoo / conditioner / shower caddy
+basic makeup / umbrella / Tide to go stick
+sneakers / sandals / boots / boatshoes / heels / socks
+laptop / laptop case/ cords and cable / USB HD /mouse / printer / desk lamp
+stationary / calculator / stapler / tape / notebooks / binders / pushpins / post-its / trashcan
+backpack / calendar / purse
+bowls / small pot / cups / utensils / tissue / airtight container / dishsoap
+辛 ramen cups / tea / popcorn / oreos / cheezits / ritz crackers / Advil

It seems like every social networking site has a location service and new settings...ahh


01 September 2011

Swarovski came out with a Hello Kitty line! I got a necklace and a set of rings. They're really cute! Today I also went to Burger Bash with Blake to watch the marching band debut their first movement of their 2011 Queens show. Good job to pit, guard, and everyone else! I went to Laguna Beach the other day with Ashley, Alice, Arya, Rohit, David Wang/Hong, Sepehr, the Ni sisters, Melissa, William, and Alex. It was a nice, sunny, and cloudless day, and everyone was skim boarding.


30 August 2011

split screen

I thought this was really cute.


25 August 2011


Sorry with the slow posts. I was in the east coast for two weeks and when I got back I was busy with tidying up the house. Blake took me on the orange balloon the other day, & I also got a macbook pro!

+It's been sad having to say goodbye to all my private-school-bound friends. But we'll manage! Winnie and I went to see Crazy, Stupid, Love before she left...ooh Ryan Gosling is so cute!!
+Today’s been a tough day with cramps, plus this cold that's been going on for a week. I canceled on everyone, but did a few Skype chats and got my September issue. Hopefully I feel better tomorrow because we’re going kayaking!! ♥

I thought this was pretty cool


12 August 2011

Blake took me out today, to little corona del mar. I am very happy.


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16 July 2011

past two weeks.

7/5_five guys/second round of Transformers with Mercy, Abby, Sherry, Jeffrey, Michelle
7/6_macarons from Layer Cake
7/7_swimming with Blake Cat and Ted
7/8_Cow Appreciation Day at Chik-fil-A
7/8_invite to google+
7/8_GNO with Jenny (Roma D' Italia & Bad Teacher)
7/9_CG bonfire at huntington beach with B
7/12 -7/13_orientation in r'side!
7/14_harry potter at my house with KLW, Howard, Blake, and Donovan, then BJ's afterwards.
7/15_biking to the civic center (bill barber park) with Blake
7/16_breakfast at Las Brisas with Blake, Mercy, and Adam!

oh. I had my first spider-man kiss yesterday in a gorgeous park on a gorgeous afternoon (:

09 July 2011

Independence Day

A little overdue, but- I hope everyone had a lovely fourth of July!


04 July 2011

mellow half-week

This past week was a pretty mellow week.
I spent the entire Thursday afternoon with Blake, working on calculus at Starbucks, then walked home afterwards.
On Friday we went to watch Transformer 3D IMAX and Monte Carlo. We ate dinner at Corner Bakery afterwards and then browsed a few stores here and there. We checked out Skin Foods and then I fell in love with the store. I bought an eyeshadow and a red nail vita, and Blake bought me the really cool black matte polish that I kept obsessing over (thanks (: )

Saturday, I went to South Coast Plaza in the morning with my mom and sister, and Mitsuwa for lunch.
From 9pm - 1am Howard, Blake, Sensei, Tiff/Michael/Vivi and I went grunion running in Newport. We felt many grunions hit our feet but we only caught 5. Blake and Howard caught 50 something crabs. It was fun (so I thought).

Sunday evening we drove to Laguna to watch the sunset, then to Pelican Hills hotel to eat dinner. They had a July 3rd dinner buffet ($55/person) so we had that. The menu wasn't huge but it provided a good variety.

I started a "today I am wearing" post here just for fun.
Coming up on my to do list-
+hanging out with A/J/M
+more biking adventures
+college orientation
+HP marathon
+OC Fair
&& many more

I hope all your summers are going well!
♥ i

27 June 2011

A (half)Week's Summary

I've been up and out everyday that I slightly forgot what I've done or where I've been. I'm taking classes Mondays and Wednesdays now until the end of summer. (Suck I know.)
+On Thursday Howard and I went to Starbucks to get coffee and breakfast, Blake joined shortly. After breakfast Blake and I biked to Northwood, around Wolftrail, and down all the way to the entrance of Lower Peters Canyon Reservoir, and back to Cedar Grove Park where we just rested for an hour or so. (Approx 22 miles.)  When I got home, my knees were dead tired and they hurt so badly that I had to sit on my bed with my feet up. Of course being the idiot I was, I had biked too much for a person who hasn't biked for a year..
+Friday Blake and I hung out at Starbucks in the morning. I had breakfast and he helped me with calculus while I sat there half confused. But I got it after he explained a majority everything. (thank you so much!) After lunch we went to the Marketplace to watch Super8 and Bridesmaid. Both movies were rather enjoyable.
+Saturday evening Blake, Howard, and I went 2x2 rollerskating at FVCS with Rebecca and her friends. It was hard to balance at first because I felt like I was going to slide from under, but as the night progressed things got better, and I also got it easy cause I was holding onto Blake the majority of the time...hehehe BUT THANKS FOR A GREAT NIGHT ! (:

bleh class tomorrow.

20 June 2011

newport beach house

+Chloe and the rest of the crew. Ari drove Blake Alex and me. We arrived late afternoon and went over to Balboa Island, strolled around till sunset. We came back onto west oceanfront for dinner where Chloe Tonya and I prepared the lasagna that Chloe’s mom made, salad, and garlic toast. After dinner Blake and I watched the last of the daylight disappear by the shores and we all came back in to play soda pong. (: after shower, we made s’mores and hung out till 11. The guys were in the back unit playing CoD amd watching stuff from netflix, and we’re in the front unit with the ocean view. Tonya’s had the living room. Chloe had the first bedroom and I was in the backroom. I loved the back bedroom, it’s dreamy and spacious.


+Rushed over to the back unit at 8 am to wake the guys up, & found that the guys had locked their doors during the night (we were facing beachfront and we didn’t even lock any of our doors LOL). Blake won for waking up and opening the door for us. Andrew is knocked out on the sofa. Ari and Alex are hidden in separated bedrooms, and lord and behold Santiago is hidden under the sofa straddling the cushions!
+We walked down two blocks and went to Stuft Surfer Cafè for breakfast. Alex and andrew had French toast. Chloe and Blake had a breakfast burrito, Ari had fried egg and cheese with bacon sandwich, and I got the pancake sandwich.

+After breakfast, we went down to the beach to hangout, lay down, relax. The sun came out at around 2 but the water was still very chilly. At 4 Chloe’s cousins came over and her parents made Korean BBQ and other foods. We sat upstairs watching the waves crashing ashore as we ate.

+A.B.C. and I went out for a walk around the town after lunch. When we came back, Blake and I went body wave crashing, but the water was insanely cold. After a nice hot shower, we had a delicious red velvet cake while watching the sun set. Blake and Ari and Andrew were sharing iPhone games for a while after that (LMAO). And when evening came, we worked as a team to clean up the front unit. Everyone agreed on another game of pong but that quickly turned into salsa pong (ew). 11pm came too soon and so we had to separate ):

+goodbye newport @ 11am.
I had the best time at NP. Sucked to go home, but hopefully we'll do something fun again soon, as a group.


the good life.

livin the soCal beach life....♥

I still have to develop all the film photos on my Nikon FE and scan/post them + blog about my trip. The instagrams above are from today (6.19.11) at Laguna. The first three&last two photo credz go to KN. Today was filled with picnics, bbq, longboarding, bonding with family friends, and just relaxing.


18 June 2011

Congrats, we did it!

playing: AJ Rafael - Mess We’ve Made (feat. Tori Kelly)

+graduation & grad night (nopics).


09 June 2011

silly string

all around the oak tree.
It’s all over now.
Congrats Northwood High Class of 2011, we FINISHED!!(:

I started my summer with baking at Misu’s house.
Senior breakfast and sunrise with the posse tomorrow.


08 June 2011

This summer.

+breakfast brunch
+watch the sun rise
+beach house extravaganza
+OC Fair
+shopping & thrifting
+pool / beach
+Movie nights
+Mani and Pedis
+Getting ready for college/Orientation
+East Coast Trip
+yacht trip
+a film-photography summer.

this is all I can think of at the moment. More to come...

07 June 2011

Wrapping Up

The countdown week started off with the Choral Pops concert on tuesday, Spring Show on thursday.
Senior BBQ (pictures up later) was on friday June 3 after school by the quads. Nothing too crazy just catering from (I'm guessing) L&L. Macaroni salad, chicken, rice, chips, beans and chili. There was an ice cream kart. Cookies and creme ftw! And then there was a huge blown up bouncy slide, but stupid me...I decided to go down belly first which ended in a burn on my elbow. :[ After a couple of yearbook signing, I had to go to orchestra and chorus rehearsal. The rest of the night ended with the Pops Concert which was beautiful thanks to W's beautiful concerto solo.
Saturday was prom. I started the morning by going by Andy's house to pick up flowers, then my hairdresser's, back home distributing orders, eating lunch, and doing makeup. We took photos at 4:15 at JOS, then took our limo to dinner at Kimera. C R and I have organized a fixed menu, I had the steak as my main course. I don't have any nice photos because they're in C's camera right now, but when she uploads them... We arrived at Soka at around 8:30.
Sorry for the greenish photo editing. It was 2 am, but I was still too overly excited to sleep.

NHS Prom held at Soka University in Aliso Viejo,CA.
+if anything J and I were a "hit" at 8:14
(DBW 0:40| 2:14 | 3:09 | 4:44) (C 2:58) (AJCC 6:30 | 8:20)

I really enjoyed sitting in the back of the limo because B and I had our own privy booth, which gave me a Chuck&Blair feeling (: I also got matching hennas with J too.
Afterparty at R's. That consisted of homemade pancakes and cookies, fruits, sausages, juice, and cuddling while watching No Strings Attached. We woke up at 11:30 to Down with Love.
Sunday was the chorus banquet. Treble cliff pin, chocolates in the choral mug, fermata clip and chain, & choral pen. Peppino catered.

Everything is flying by. I wish I could stay in highschool forever.
special thanks to 'fwendz' and the boyfran for coming to my concerts

25 May 2011


days of school left.
+ prom.

time is flying by way too fast. tell me it’s not real.
So exciting, and thrilling. Yet dangerous and bitter.

not counting senior bbq, senior breakfast, graduation rehearsal/ceremony, grad night.
now playing: just cant get enough - B.E.P
mood: content but slightly depresseed
now playing: Kaskade ft. Dragonette - Fire In Your New Shoes
mood: tired
Besides the fact that I got my super expensive lens filter dented on Tuesday night, everything is great right now. Prom flower orders are basically done. Prom dinner is basically decided upon. The ride was done a long time ago. All I need to do is make hair, nails, and make up appointments.

I want to go shopping, but I'm broke from all this prom stuff x_x oh well.


23 May 2011


-talking about how tanned I've become-

b: "That's funny. I was told the same thing. Is it really a big deal? There's no way you could be un-beautiful :) "
brb dying.

21 May 2011

the end is near

Sadly but true. High school is coming to an end. It's bittersweet, and it hurts to throwback and replay freshman year up till now.Sorry for not updating for the longest time. So many things have happened since then. Here's random bullets and photographs.
+helping KLW/Dcon for prom-asking
+SuperSmashBrawl at my house with the guys
+Disneyland with my sister
+eating with Irene/Kevin/Michael
+BBQ with Irene
+Re-Invent the game
+end of IVC
+switching to an iPhone
+Hsiao's house & spectrum with the boys & dinner
+panera bread shesh with Winnie/Chris for chemistry project
+seeing random mules and ponies on my street
+finalizing most of my plans for prom. (basically everything but dinner)
+brownie baking with Chris/Winnie/Blake
+Santa Monica Pier on senior ditch day
+Hangover (film) at Hsiao's house
+downloading Bon Iver's new album
+park adventuring with Blake and overlooking north&west Irvine from the top of Citrus Ranch

And oh yes, how could I forget?
The end of senior year is looking great. Everything is looking up again (:
♥ i

08 May 2011


suicide hill

photocredz r.t.

+ a dozen Amaranth-shade roses
thank you

07 May 2011

I mess everything up.
I'm impatient, and so I rush everything.
I am my own failure.

05 May 2011


now playing: Young, Wild & Free — WizKhalifa & SnoopDogg

We never really learn from the first mistake, nor the second or third. It only hits us when we’re given the last chance.

Life is so good to me. I'm just livin it up these last few weeks.
6 more weeks till graduation.
So scared, excited, and a little sad..

30 April 2011

So Alive Caught in a Faded Light

now playing: Howie Day - Longest Night
mood: in-like

+I love the sweetheart neckline and the jewels on it. Although- it does need major alterations :\
+I had another spontaneous park-hunting adventure with B again today. As usual we ended at 7.
+LongChamp's Le pliage backpack and tote collection is so pretty. I can't wait for the LongChamp at South Coast Plaza to open.
+C, A, J, and I are going thrifting tomorrow. $1 // 20% off sale.
(unknown, 211/365)

27 April 2011


"The answer is dreams. Dreaming on and on. Entering the world of dreams and never coming out. Living in dreams for the rest of time." Haruki Murakami
(5) my world. lohan. plane rides.Columbia Uni(maggie gyllenhaal). dreams.
today was a brandy&melville day. white and lace stripes cotton top, and dark denim.
it's 31¢ night tonight. after Bloomingdale's I'll go.
♥ i

14 April 2011

spring break 11 checklist

last WG championships
shopping (madewell/uo/bloomingdales/nordies)
☐Sprinkles run
night sessions // spinning with nick

to be completed...

09 April 2011


Madewell opened. (≈ -$100)
Bloomingdale's cardholder and their secret sales. (≈ -$200)
College registration and dorms (≈ -$600)

My dear. I'm as broke as fuck.

02 April 2011

universities and night-time invitational competitions

Today was the last competition before Championships! We all met at WBHS at 415 pm, warmed up till 609 pm and performed at 620 pm. Afterwards we cleaned up and went to dinner. Mrs. Hanley, Jenny, and I went to Chipotle and talked about college stuff. We got back to the school first at around 8 pm. And out of all divisions- InterA, SA, SO, my favourite was Arcadia HS Colorguard2, EPIC SHOW!! (: we messed around on the bleachers in between shows, and I used my sister's lollipop2 phone to take pictures using the internal camera coolness~~ We didn't get home till 1030ish.

Yesterday I went to visit UCR. It's actually a really clean school with super new buildings and a tight knit environment. There's no random roads in the middle of the school or buildings thrown randomly in places like the other UC's. There are about 20,000+ students on campus and there's only 80-120 chem majors on campus collective; which is amazing because that means that after my GE classes, I'll have about 15-20 kids in my classes. That's like a private school class size without paying the price! Plus, it's not (still is but not as) as competitive as the other UC's which means a higher rate of success and good grades. Also- they have a new set of living suites (approx 5 years old) which are really clean airy and comfortable looking which I would choose anyday over UCI dorms. What really attracted me was the chemistry labs. New, clean, and fully equipped. The only lab that I've been to that beats the UCR labs are the labs at University of the Pacific♥. The labs at UoP are private, small, and beautifully designed. (The building too) But honestly (example)- the labs at UCI are shitty, small, old, scary, dirty and dark, plus UCR isn't like UCI where I have to commute from home or stay in the same place; a little change. So I'd feel pretty comfortable studying at UCR. I'm kinda excited for college if I do end up going....I want a longboard and an acoustic if I do end up there. JS

But in all honesty- I just want this year to end good, for my dreams to come true, for me to be less stressed, and to establish a happy ending/relationship with the new guard I've became acquainted with this semester. I'm thankful for the thurs/fri sectionals after school we've had, the coffee runs, the little girl talks and teasing. I'm happy the tr0ll group did troll me (sometimes LOL), and that I did end up going back to guard. I'm glad things fell into place like how every NHS alumni has told me. Let's see what else the end of this school year will bring ♥

26 March 2011

10 weeks

now playing: recession song - yan wagner

I'm sorry I've been missing in action lately. College results have been released, and well, I guess you can just guess the rest...
I don't even know what I've been up to lately, but everything's been on the decline for me and I'm always busy, for whatever reason. The only people I'm around lately are my colorguard family, my mom, and maybe the troll group that trolls me (har..har). CG fam for the win ♥ ahhhh i haven't been with katrina lately as much :[
10 more weeks of high school. I am going to miss all this so so much.

links of interesting fancy finds and music playlist for you guys !
♫ Camera Obscura-Teenager
♫ Ellie Goulding-Heartbeats (cover)
♫ Daylight-Matt & Kim
♫ There's Never Enough Time-The Postal Service
♫ By my side-UrbanGermany
♫Go Radio-Forever My Father
♫ Stuck on the Puzzle-Alex Turner


16 March 2011

san diego 312-313

+1.5 hour drive in Nicholas's car with Jordan, Janice, &Amanda
+group of 20 at Souplantation. tabled with Jenny, Holly, and Clara's Mum. crush counseling, spying on cuties, sundaes and cookies, strawberry lemonade, inside jokes.
+happy hour back in H&J's suite (215)
+duckiewucky, watermelon game, animal game- bonding time. Sharing trance/hardstyle music with the husband♥  popcorn and candy for room provided by mrs. hanley (: 
+roomies with Catie, Clara, Melinda (225). room at the end of the hall in a separate room in the building, ohyeah playing BS, egyptian ratslap, slapjack, etc until 1130 and laughing nonstop while eating popcorn and making lame jokes. watching melinda learn how to shuffle cards..
+house of rock // donut show on foodnetwork

+waking up and going downstairs at 7am; ALMOST got in-trouble for un-taping our room T_T
+pancakes, eggs, bacon, tea, yogurt etc
+awesome pawesome competition. 3 place in our division, 8.8pts. then told that we might get promoted divisions (:
+FUDDRUCKERS SO GOOD. // married to husband and hosted the wedding banquet XD
+dinner at california shabu in huntington beach.

08 March 2011

senior formal

march 5 2011
I went stag, so don't ask if I had a date. Prepping at C's house, photos at the Village, dinner at Andrei's, and dance at K1 Speed! hehe ^^

♥ i

04 January 2011

f o r - e v e r ?

If you ever want something badly, let it go. If it comes back to you, then it’s yours forever. If it doesn’t, then it was never yours to begin with. --Blake Lively

Today: Breakfast, school, lunch, government class and falling asleep, fastest walk home because Jamal made me walk super duper fast. then check networking sites, read, Starbucks, photoshoot with Katrina (thumping sound in the bushes, trololol-ing), then back to katrina's house.
Right now I'm burning a very fragrant soy candle, one of what I'd imagine my future house would smell like. A mix of pumpkin & spice with a dash of cinnamon gingerbread. Lykke Li is playing in the background, and I'm going downstairs for teatime and to watch Harry Potter and the half blooded prince. Hmmm, optimism=win.
Oh, and I feel bad for ditching a study sesh today.

01 January 2011

2 0 1 1

Apple cider, fake champagne glasses, confetti poppers, and noise makers. I wish I was at Times Square in Manhattan though, that would've been amazing. In the future perhaps.
No new year kisses for me. But I spent an hour having a skype party and learning how to play the guitar. I'm very impatient and impulsive- getting frustrating and changing songs every 'mid-song'. To be honest, it had a lot to do with the lack of ability to memorize chord positions, my small and limit hand span, and long nails that kept sliding away. I learned part of: White Horse, Skinny Love, & Savior.
Instead of making a long list of New Year's Resolution this year, I"ll just keep things short so it's not as disappointing. No expectations, no disappointment. But I have to have a standard right?
-go to sleep before 12
-cut on white flour/sugar | increase water intake
-ask myself if i can 'live without it' before i buy anything.
-education (academics/arts) is forte over everything else.
-stop dwelling on things i'll never be able to change. move on and learn from the past
-start reading more print/electronic publications

Happy new year; hopefully everything goes better than it did last year. make sure to make memories you are proud to keep.
i. (ps, sorry i didn't want to do a summary of 2010. it'd make me sound whiny and do no good but bring me heartaches and painful memories)

cross your fingers for me. columbia university application is due today ><