19 September 2011

summer's end

Mood: bittersweet
Currently playing: Eyes - Kaskade
Friday Blake and I went to Bill Barber park to longboard. Well I long boarded and he skateboarded.
Saturday we watched Drive with *~Ryan Gosling~* in it. hehe. The movie was pretty gory, and I didn't really like the graphic arts, but Ryan Gosling was in it, so that made up for it. (lol) We biked around Northwood and Portola until 6, where we then headed off to garden grove for Cham Sut Gol. Their AYCE kbbq was pretty good for the price $17. They had 5 types of meat, side dishes, rice, salad, and a personal soup. Blake and I both got bean paste soup. Really good, and it's not too spicy. They also had ice cream for dessert, with that- a huge line for ice cream.

Parting that night was pretty painful though :[
I had a really good summer overall though. It started good, and ended well. Beach house, OC fair, shopping, beach, east coast, and the small adventures here and there with Blake ♥

Until next summer,

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