19 September 2011


Sunday ➝ move in day.
+600 wake up
+730 arrive
+800 check in
+1000 situated.
lunch at the University Center.
dinner at A-I dining hall (potatoes and string beans).

Donovan and I made a super market discovery. WinCO, a Costco-wannabe but cheaper than Walmart supermarket. It's pretty radical inside. Now we know where we're getting groceries.

Today I locked myself out of my hall because I accidentally closed the door while going to empty my trashcan. So I waited 30 minutes in the main lounge until quiet hours were over and then Michaela saved my ass. I hiked over to A-I by myself today and had breakfast solo. Scrambled eggs, tater-tots, sausage, tea, OJ, and chocolate chip pancakes. Except I wasn't really happy about the chocolate chips being in my pancakes... Did you know the oranges in our freshly squeezed OJ are grown on campus? I thought that was pretty cute. The machine that squeezes the oranges is pretty cool too.


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