20 June 2011

newport beach house

+Chloe and the rest of the crew. Ari drove Blake Alex and me. We arrived late afternoon and went over to Balboa Island, strolled around till sunset. We came back onto west oceanfront for dinner where Chloe Tonya and I prepared the lasagna that Chloe’s mom made, salad, and garlic toast. After dinner Blake and I watched the last of the daylight disappear by the shores and we all came back in to play soda pong. (: after shower, we made s’mores and hung out till 11. The guys were in the back unit playing CoD amd watching stuff from netflix, and we’re in the front unit with the ocean view. Tonya’s had the living room. Chloe had the first bedroom and I was in the backroom. I loved the back bedroom, it’s dreamy and spacious.


+Rushed over to the back unit at 8 am to wake the guys up, & found that the guys had locked their doors during the night (we were facing beachfront and we didn’t even lock any of our doors LOL). Blake won for waking up and opening the door for us. Andrew is knocked out on the sofa. Ari and Alex are hidden in separated bedrooms, and lord and behold Santiago is hidden under the sofa straddling the cushions!
+We walked down two blocks and went to Stuft Surfer Cafè for breakfast. Alex and andrew had French toast. Chloe and Blake had a breakfast burrito, Ari had fried egg and cheese with bacon sandwich, and I got the pancake sandwich.

+After breakfast, we went down to the beach to hangout, lay down, relax. The sun came out at around 2 but the water was still very chilly. At 4 Chloe’s cousins came over and her parents made Korean BBQ and other foods. We sat upstairs watching the waves crashing ashore as we ate.

+A.B.C. and I went out for a walk around the town after lunch. When we came back, Blake and I went body wave crashing, but the water was insanely cold. After a nice hot shower, we had a delicious red velvet cake while watching the sun set. Blake and Ari and Andrew were sharing iPhone games for a while after that (LMAO). And when evening came, we worked as a team to clean up the front unit. Everyone agreed on another game of pong but that quickly turned into salsa pong (ew). 11pm came too soon and so we had to separate ):

+goodbye newport @ 11am.
I had the best time at NP. Sucked to go home, but hopefully we'll do something fun again soon, as a group.


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