27 June 2011

A (half)Week's Summary

I've been up and out everyday that I slightly forgot what I've done or where I've been. I'm taking classes Mondays and Wednesdays now until the end of summer. (Suck I know.)
+On Thursday Howard and I went to Starbucks to get coffee and breakfast, Blake joined shortly. After breakfast Blake and I biked to Northwood, around Wolftrail, and down all the way to the entrance of Lower Peters Canyon Reservoir, and back to Cedar Grove Park where we just rested for an hour or so. (Approx 22 miles.)  When I got home, my knees were dead tired and they hurt so badly that I had to sit on my bed with my feet up. Of course being the idiot I was, I had biked too much for a person who hasn't biked for a year..
+Friday Blake and I hung out at Starbucks in the morning. I had breakfast and he helped me with calculus while I sat there half confused. But I got it after he explained a majority everything. (thank you so much!) After lunch we went to the Marketplace to watch Super8 and Bridesmaid. Both movies were rather enjoyable.
+Saturday evening Blake, Howard, and I went 2x2 rollerskating at FVCS with Rebecca and her friends. It was hard to balance at first because I felt like I was going to slide from under, but as the night progressed things got better, and I also got it easy cause I was holding onto Blake the majority of the time...hehehe BUT THANKS FOR A GREAT NIGHT ! (:

bleh class tomorrow.

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