04 July 2011

mellow half-week

This past week was a pretty mellow week.
I spent the entire Thursday afternoon with Blake, working on calculus at Starbucks, then walked home afterwards.
On Friday we went to watch Transformer 3D IMAX and Monte Carlo. We ate dinner at Corner Bakery afterwards and then browsed a few stores here and there. We checked out Skin Foods and then I fell in love with the store. I bought an eyeshadow and a red nail vita, and Blake bought me the really cool black matte polish that I kept obsessing over (thanks (: )

Saturday, I went to South Coast Plaza in the morning with my mom and sister, and Mitsuwa for lunch.
From 9pm - 1am Howard, Blake, Sensei, Tiff/Michael/Vivi and I went grunion running in Newport. We felt many grunions hit our feet but we only caught 5. Blake and Howard caught 50 something crabs. It was fun (so I thought).

Sunday evening we drove to Laguna to watch the sunset, then to Pelican Hills hotel to eat dinner. They had a July 3rd dinner buffet ($55/person) so we had that. The menu wasn't huge but it provided a good variety.

I started a "today I am wearing" post here just for fun.
Coming up on my to do list-
+hanging out with A/J/M
+more biking adventures
+college orientation
+HP marathon
+OC Fair
&& many more

I hope all your summers are going well!
♥ i

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