02 April 2011

universities and night-time invitational competitions

Today was the last competition before Championships! We all met at WBHS at 415 pm, warmed up till 609 pm and performed at 620 pm. Afterwards we cleaned up and went to dinner. Mrs. Hanley, Jenny, and I went to Chipotle and talked about college stuff. We got back to the school first at around 8 pm. And out of all divisions- InterA, SA, SO, my favourite was Arcadia HS Colorguard2, EPIC SHOW!! (: we messed around on the bleachers in between shows, and I used my sister's lollipop2 phone to take pictures using the internal camera coolness~~ We didn't get home till 1030ish.

Yesterday I went to visit UCR. It's actually a really clean school with super new buildings and a tight knit environment. There's no random roads in the middle of the school or buildings thrown randomly in places like the other UC's. There are about 20,000+ students on campus and there's only 80-120 chem majors on campus collective; which is amazing because that means that after my GE classes, I'll have about 15-20 kids in my classes. That's like a private school class size without paying the price! Plus, it's not (still is but not as) as competitive as the other UC's which means a higher rate of success and good grades. Also- they have a new set of living suites (approx 5 years old) which are really clean airy and comfortable looking which I would choose anyday over UCI dorms. What really attracted me was the chemistry labs. New, clean, and fully equipped. The only lab that I've been to that beats the UCR labs are the labs at University of the Pacific♥. The labs at UoP are private, small, and beautifully designed. (The building too) But honestly (example)- the labs at UCI are shitty, small, old, scary, dirty and dark, plus UCR isn't like UCI where I have to commute from home or stay in the same place; a little change. So I'd feel pretty comfortable studying at UCR. I'm kinda excited for college if I do end up going....I want a longboard and an acoustic if I do end up there. JS

But in all honesty- I just want this year to end good, for my dreams to come true, for me to be less stressed, and to establish a happy ending/relationship with the new guard I've became acquainted with this semester. I'm thankful for the thurs/fri sectionals after school we've had, the coffee runs, the little girl talks and teasing. I'm happy the tr0ll group did troll me (sometimes LOL), and that I did end up going back to guard. I'm glad things fell into place like how every NHS alumni has told me. Let's see what else the end of this school year will bring ♥

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