16 July 2011

past two weeks.

7/5_five guys/second round of Transformers with Mercy, Abby, Sherry, Jeffrey, Michelle
7/6_macarons from Layer Cake
7/7_swimming with Blake Cat and Ted
7/8_Cow Appreciation Day at Chik-fil-A
7/8_invite to google+
7/8_GNO with Jenny (Roma D' Italia & Bad Teacher)
7/9_CG bonfire at huntington beach with B
7/12 -7/13_orientation in r'side!
7/14_harry potter at my house with KLW, Howard, Blake, and Donovan, then BJ's afterwards.
7/15_biking to the civic center (bill barber park) with Blake
7/16_breakfast at Las Brisas with Blake, Mercy, and Adam!

oh. I had my first spider-man kiss yesterday in a gorgeous park on a gorgeous afternoon (:

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