22 October 2011


now playing: iron and wine | upward over the mountain
currently: about to go to sleep
I'm back home for the weekend as usual to be with my boyfriend. He brings me comfort, security, and tranquility.
Today/yesterday (october 21) marks the one year anniversary of going to NYC for the first time. The city that enchanted me. The city that I fell in love with. My first love. I will be there for you one day, and I will stay.
Everyday either in the middle of the day or after my classes, I go to the university student recreational center to take yoga. It's been amazing and healing. So far my spine has gotten much straighter, and I've been detoxing. It's almost impossible to say that I'm not addicted. I hope that one day when I have the time to, I will go and visit the Glen Ivy Spa in Corona to practice meditation and further detox.
this is my new lifestyle
My sandals broke, so I think I'll go shopping tomorrow after lunch with Blake. OH- I need yoga blocks and straps.

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