25 October 2011

Yoga is so powerful.

People who are depressed tend to live in the past too much, and people who are anxious live in the future. In yoga, we want to be here, present and in the moment. We never want to look down or up, just ahead.

I've been late to every class today. Oh well. The day wasn't horrible. I just thought it was weird.
I had pain au chocolat for breakfast today. Then at 5pm, after my advising class, I went to yoga class. Oh my! three days of not doing yoga certainly caught up with me. Everything was just painful and I had lost my endurance. I also feel like I'm not ever going to be able to do the arm balance poses (crane pose, scale pose, or the side crane pose) or the bridge.
Anyways. I had too much to eat tonight, and despite the fact that it was meatless Monday, the BBQ beef brisket was so delicious! I guess my punishment was a massive stomachache. Thus accounted for my 30 min walk in the fog at night.
It's getting late now. I should go sleep.

rawr rawr rawr. I miss Blake.
Goodnight everyone! ♥
// my weekend haul from j.crew was this in ivorythis in heather earth//

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