07 June 2011

Wrapping Up

The countdown week started off with the Choral Pops concert on tuesday, Spring Show on thursday.
Senior BBQ (pictures up later) was on friday June 3 after school by the quads. Nothing too crazy just catering from (I'm guessing) L&L. Macaroni salad, chicken, rice, chips, beans and chili. There was an ice cream kart. Cookies and creme ftw! And then there was a huge blown up bouncy slide, but stupid me...I decided to go down belly first which ended in a burn on my elbow. :[ After a couple of yearbook signing, I had to go to orchestra and chorus rehearsal. The rest of the night ended with the Pops Concert which was beautiful thanks to W's beautiful concerto solo.
Saturday was prom. I started the morning by going by Andy's house to pick up flowers, then my hairdresser's, back home distributing orders, eating lunch, and doing makeup. We took photos at 4:15 at JOS, then took our limo to dinner at Kimera. C R and I have organized a fixed menu, I had the steak as my main course. I don't have any nice photos because they're in C's camera right now, but when she uploads them... We arrived at Soka at around 8:30.
Sorry for the greenish photo editing. It was 2 am, but I was still too overly excited to sleep.

NHS Prom held at Soka University in Aliso Viejo,CA.
+if anything J and I were a "hit" at 8:14
(DBW 0:40| 2:14 | 3:09 | 4:44) (C 2:58) (AJCC 6:30 | 8:20)

I really enjoyed sitting in the back of the limo because B and I had our own privy booth, which gave me a Chuck&Blair feeling (: I also got matching hennas with J too.
Afterparty at R's. That consisted of homemade pancakes and cookies, fruits, sausages, juice, and cuddling while watching No Strings Attached. We woke up at 11:30 to Down with Love.
Sunday was the chorus banquet. Treble cliff pin, chocolates in the choral mug, fermata clip and chain, & choral pen. Peppino catered.

Everything is flying by. I wish I could stay in highschool forever.
special thanks to 'fwendz' and the boyfran for coming to my concerts

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