01 January 2011

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Apple cider, fake champagne glasses, confetti poppers, and noise makers. I wish I was at Times Square in Manhattan though, that would've been amazing. In the future perhaps.
No new year kisses for me. But I spent an hour having a skype party and learning how to play the guitar. I'm very impatient and impulsive- getting frustrating and changing songs every 'mid-song'. To be honest, it had a lot to do with the lack of ability to memorize chord positions, my small and limit hand span, and long nails that kept sliding away. I learned part of: White Horse, Skinny Love, & Savior.
Instead of making a long list of New Year's Resolution this year, I"ll just keep things short so it's not as disappointing. No expectations, no disappointment. But I have to have a standard right?
-go to sleep before 12
-cut on white flour/sugar | increase water intake
-ask myself if i can 'live without it' before i buy anything.
-education (academics/arts) is forte over everything else.
-stop dwelling on things i'll never be able to change. move on and learn from the past
-start reading more print/electronic publications

Happy new year; hopefully everything goes better than it did last year. make sure to make memories you are proud to keep.
i. (ps, sorry i didn't want to do a summary of 2010. it'd make me sound whiny and do no good but bring me heartaches and painful memories)

cross your fingers for me. columbia university application is due today ><

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