13 January 2015

Promoted to...Pointe

After dancing demi-pointe for 13 years (on and off), I've finally got the o-k for pointe!
I never thought I would get to go en pointe but I mustered up and asked and I got the O-K. Funny how 5 days ago I blogged about going en pointe...foreshadow much?
Can't wait to get fitted this weekend :) This is such a BIG thing for me. The first people I saw, after Miss Kelli said yes, were Praiser and Chris and they didn't really get my excitement. They probably thought I was crazy ahahah. I forgot to tuck my shirt in too because I was too excited dreaming about my shoes and breaking the news! I do worry about my strength though...but I guess I can build that. I mean I am confident, but I have no idea what to expect!!

I feel blessed!
♥ i

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