12 December 2014

"Fat" Girls Don't Belong In Paris

So the first night I got to Paris 3 years ago, my aunt and I went to a Japanese restaurant somewhere near Colette, and we ordered what would be equivalent to a 'set' meal in the US, but we "made the set" ourselves if that made sense. So we ordered a salad to share. A rice each. And a piece of baked salmon for each. And when our food came to the table, the entire restaurant was looking at us, pointing, and giggling.
Not because we were Asian, they weren't racist, but because we were eating like pigs.

Everyone in the restaurant was sharing something. All the girls would have a bowl of soup and then the three of them would share a sashimi box. Let me repeat that- a sashimi box. Yes like 8 pieces of fish for 3 people to share. For dinner. And soup for some, and then maybe an entire bottle of wine, and a teeny tiny dessert (i.e. bite size mochi with a dalop of red bean on top).

So I guess, when in Paris, enjoy the food, but don't stuff yourselves.

P.S. I did not end up finishing it because it was actually too much. (ha ha) But I did not intentionally "unfinish" my meal...I guess I'm made to live in Paris ;] (jk i wish).
PPS. I didn't even take much offense to their pointing and giggling because I was the skinniest person in the room anyways so whatever ha ha to your muffin tops. But yeah incredible.
PPPS. I don't actually think "fat" girls don't belong in Paris. I just think they'd probably be mocked at all day considering they mocked a skinny girl for ordering over-sized.

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