06 December 2014

Warm Hollow Thing

Looked at some of my high school's peep's Facebook page to update myself about their lives. (Useless me wasting time, I know.) And I see how happy they are married now, or out of state, or chasing their dreams, or pregnant, or single handedly trying to raise a child. Sucks to be some of them, and envious of others.

It just makes me feel nostalgic and brings me back to 10th grade when I remember we were all in the same class making the same stupid jokes with Mr. Mamer etc. How C and my biggest worries was how to do homework, why do we have so much homework, are we going to make it? While the others' worried about when class was going to end so they could go hang out, or if they were all going to the game this friday.

I don't know. It's all dumb. Plus half of them don't even recognize me anymore.
But it makes me so sad and sensitive when I think back to those days.


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