22 December 2010

My heart is in pain but I'm smiling for you

drinking: earl grey tapioca milk tea
currently playing: Stereo Love | Edward Maya ft. Vika Jigulina

brb. going to Utah.

Friday frenzy-The crêpe party kicked off pretty well. I had my fail cooking moments teehee... And it was pretty fun playing psychologist acting like a bunch of loonies
Sleepy Saturday hmm.. I can't really recall what happened during the day. But I went to the DSC holiday party at night; cookie decorating, festive food, ornament paintings, raffles, and the norm socializing.
Stock-up Sunday- slept in late, lunch at P&O, and then went to stock up on skii apparel and equipment.
Monday mornings spent at Panera Bread with Chris. We managed to scare off everyone sitting behind us, and we hogged the big table and both the outlets the entire 6 hours while we were there. It's actually quite a calming way to kick off winter break. I don't really like to work (school work) at Panera Bread as much as I do at Starbucks. But I guess sitting there with my laptop and papers all spread out, conventionalizing with Chris, and gazing out the big glass window at the non-stop pouring rain is rather amusing; not to mention the huge mug of latte washing down the last of my pain au chocolat. It's a nice combination.
Teeming wet tuesday-yesterday; I finally went shopping for myself yesterday with my mum and sister. Chris was going to join but she couldn't. I picked up a Marc by Marc Jacobs watch, fuzzy oversized shrunk knit, and pencil skirt at Nordstroms. Pain au chocolat en baguette for today's trip at Vie De France. After walking around and looking, we mall hopped to the Spectrum. I bought a beautiful ring at H&M, box top from CottonOn, macarons (pistache de Sicile, raspberry mascarpone, thé earl grey) from la napolean for today's trip, and a pair of black ankle cigarette pants from UO because they were on sale.
Hmm, I tested the nail polish that Chloe and Chris gave me. The dark blue one (chloe) is beautiful and extremely elegant looking. And the pink glaze one (chris) is effortlessly chic. Thank you (:

Even though I'm the type to be free and much of an 'explorer'-never wanting to be in one place too long, I feel that a part of me hidden deep within me is this person that finds comfort in schedule and routine. Like how I always order the same thing at the same shops; and how I always resort to doing the same thing in the same orderly fashion. And how I always fancy sticking to a certain manner of procedure, or going to the same places over and over again. Maybe it's the nostalgia and the memories that were first captured. I don't know.

Anyways- break has kicked off pretty well, I've been watching segments Harry Potter on blue-ray every day. (i have yet to watch the newest one out.) I think I should hurry up and get going with my supplement essays. I'm about done with my CU app, so good luck to myself on that one. In an hour or so; I'll be in Vegas, and tomorrow in Brian Head. Hopefully it isn't cold to the extremes. Okay! Got to go finish the last bit of this essay and pack my bags!


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