27 October 2010


lots and lots of chemistry. government. one flew over the cuckoo's nest
now playing: Cocorosie - Lemonade
can't believe i'm still here. and i still have a pile of homework waiting for me.
i come home. organize pictures of nyc (coming soon!) and fall dead on my bed. i wake up at 530 nauseous, watch THIS video and then on tumblr and youtube unconsciously. at about 8 i awaken from this dream-state and print out 52 pages of chemistry to read, and complete (now). if you really want an imagelaying on the floor with dark grey Columbia Uni sweater and christmas pj shorts, hood over head, wishing i was still in Manhattan...one week ago i was on my way to the airport. going to NYC.
(via tumblr) i miss that. i hate how i become so lazy when I’m in cali. Lazy and slow like the people here. It’s cali's culture, but it’s doused and drowned me. But it’s funny how something i really like, can make me work so hard. it’s like a fiery iron that burns me and makes me chase after it. Otherwise, I would just sit here....why am I losing that? MANHATTAN I MISS YOU SO MUCH ]':

ps. i noticed that if you click the picture for a larger image, there's so many things you can find captured in the frame that basically tells you everything about me #LOL okay have fun looking.

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