04 April 2012


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So I tried posting to tumblr more, but I still hate it. It erases my writings mid-creating and the themes suck. I want to make my own but I'm honestly too lazy and I think that'd be a waste of time. I'm resorting to my faithful blogspot. ♥ I'm surprised that Picnik is shutting down on the 19th of April ): much sadness, thus I have been using the premium privileges the past few days only with webcam photos; but they're still good.

“Making love in the afternoon stops the world. The clock beside the bed reads a dazzle of broken red lines, vying for completion. The pillows on the floor dare not settle, their feathers suspend inside, a bloat of anticipation. The phone clenches the cradle, willing itself not to ring, and the faucet holds its single tear. Outside, if a dog barks, the wind simply swallows it until our bodies stop and slide back to single selves. Then, around us, the spinning starts anew, as if the electricity, suddenly restored, starts a record again, the slurred sound of the world gaining momentum until it sings and sings.”
—Camille-Yvette Welsch, Afternoons

This quarter my schedule is lighter and I am only taking two major classes and one humanities. {chemistry, lab, math, psychology} I am striving for an earlier bed time, studying every night, and exercising.

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