29 April 2012

wildfox baby

mood: tired
currently: taking online tests for psychology
I came home this weekend exhausted after calculus midterms to find that my mom had gotten me the lace shorts and Wildfox bicoastal sweater I really wanted. I love her, she's such a sweetie ♥ Later that evening we went to the Ritz in for dinner; that was lovely too because I asked for my steak to be reheated and they just gave me a new steak even though I had already finished half of the original one. Five stars for quality and true dedication towards customer service.
Today I was supposed to go out with B, but that didn't happen so hopefully next week or so. Instead I went to the mall and bought a gorgeous tie-dye silk maxi dress, royal blue blazer, and crochet crop top, doing much damage to my wallet. I probably won't end up keeping them all.

Chemistry midterm is on Tuesday, and I am still shaky on the material...I have lots of catching up to do tomorrow.

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