05 May 2012

Whoosh Jelly

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Today was a semi-big day for me. Well it wasn't really that big, but it was important. B and I got up at 10 and had lunch at Class 302 then headed to Fashion Island to get business taken care of. After that we shopped around and I saw this really pretty white blazer that I said I'd go back for, but I forgot. We spent a long time inside Lush and I came out with the 3.5oz Whoosh Shower Jelly. It has a jelly consistency but doesn't really melt, you can lather it onto your loofa and it'll get foamy and slimy. It smells really nice too, in fact it's one of my favorite scents, I can't wait to use it.
Guess what! The kitty foster people were also there at the pet shop too. So I got to play with some kitties and pet them. They were all sleepy and especially this tiny 4-week kitten that was asleep. The kitty was so small she could fit in my hand and I could basically cover her up if I closed my hand! I was very happy after that. There were also bunnies in the front display, and this white dwarf albino bunny was noming against the window while her brown dwarf bunny behind her was yawning :3 sooo cute!
After all that we rushed to the Spectrum in hopes of catching the 4:20 showing of Lucky One but we were a tad late, so we opt for the Five Year Engagement was wasn't too bad, it was pretty entertaining.

mmhm. so that was my day today. pretty nice. Time to read some psych articles so I can take quizzes later..

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