11 December 2012

beautiful youth

I want to go to Paris, shop the streets of Champs Elysee, and get macarons from Ladurée. I want to see all of Paris from the top of the Eiffel and walk along La Seine at night. I want to people & fashion watch in local cafes while drinking latte. I want to visit patisseries early in the morning, and bring back pain au chocolat & baguette for my lover and me as we enjoy breakfast together. I want to fling the French language off the tip of my tongue as you tango words back at me, together we can speak this gorgeous language. I want to live a beautiful life, together in the city of love, and the city of lights.
I want to swim in the Italian oceans with my lover, hike the hills, and taste the strawberry gelato from local vendors. I want to ride a pastel yellow vespa, holding my lover as spend lazy afternoons in Tuscany. I want houses that resemble castles covered in vines, and hidden behind dense wooden gates. I want to make meals that only my lover and I share as we celebrate every meal with Italian red-wine from south Lombardy. I want pizza that isn’t cardboard like every one in America. I want happiness and only love and no stress.

I want a dreamy life with european countries and la vie en rose playing as the soundtrack of my life…if only.
one day.

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